A month of photos of me

A month of photos 2019 (#ShowYouWereThere)

This year is the fifth year in a row that I’ve completed a little personal photography project in the month of March.

I started back in 2015 calling it the ‘mummy was there’ project.  I felt so strongly about making sure that I actually existed in photos with and for my children, that I wanted to do something to make sure it happened.  So for the month of March I got in a photo every single day.

That first year was hard but I still absolutely love the photos that I took that month.  And so I decided to carry on and complete the project every March.  Since that first year it’s evolved a bit, away from the ‘mummy was there’ title and more tied in with my Instagram community #ShowYouWereThere.

The concept is the same though, to get in a photo, one way or another, every day for the month of March.

Here are the photos from this year’s project:

A month of photos 1


A month of photos 2


A month of photos 3


A month of photos 4


A month of photos 5


A month of photos 6


A month of photos 7


I used a remote trigger for most of these photos which definitely makes the whole thing easier than trying to take them with outstretched arms or with the timer.  I did still find it quite hard this year though.  I think with the children getting older I’m finding it harder to take photos with them that feel natural and unposed.

I also found that, with them being in school all day long, I took more photos of just me this year.  Not necessarily a bad thing, but it did make me have to think a bit more creatively to make sure I didn’t end up with 31 almost identical photos of myself.

Looking through this collection of pictures though, I’m pretty pleased.

I think I did get quite a nice variety in the photos in the end that capture me and my life as it was in March quite nicely.  Although it has made me laugh to look back at last year’s photos and realise that some of them are awfully similar to this year’s!


This little project of mine is definitely a challenge each time, but it’s something that I’m so happy to make the time to do every year.  I love that there are all these photos from my children’s early years that actually have me in them.

I still feel just as strongly now as I did back in 2015 that it is so important for us parents to exist in photos.

This quote from Sue Bryce always gets me when I read it,

“One day your children will look for photographs of you. What will they have?”

It makes me feel so much better knowing that my children will have photos of me to find on that day in the future when they go looking.


When did you last make a point of getting in front of the camera?  If it’s been longer than you’d like then make a point of taking a photo today.

week 1 show you were there 2019

A month of photos 2019 – week one

For the fifth year in a row I’m doing a personal photography project this month.  Basically for the whole of March I’m planning on taking a photo of me, of some kind or another, every day.

I first started this challenge in 2015, back before I started my Instagram community #ShowYouWereThere.  Back then I called it my ‘mummy was there‘ project, because that was (still is) what it was all about.  Taking the photos with me in for the children, to show that that I was there too.  I wasn’t always just stuck behind the camera recording their childhood, I was part of it too.

Here are the photos from the first week and a bit of this year’s project.  A mixed bag of windswept outdoor photos, pictures that don’t show my face but still show me pretty well, and photos of me with my family.

Show you were there 2019 week 1


I’ve always found this project to be quite hard at times, trying to come up with different ideas for photos to take, and getting a balance between simple ‘photos of me’ and photos that capture a bit more of my life as it is right now.

I think I’m off to a pretty good start so far this year though, although it is a bit harder to get photos of me with the children now they’re both in school all day long.  It’s good though, it forces me to think a bit more creatively and focus on the moments and activities I want to record this year.

If you’d like to read a bit more about this challenge that I set myself every year, and see how much the children have changed, then go and check out all my photos from 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Tips to help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera

How to feel more comfortable in front of the camera

If I were to pick up my camera and ask if I could take a photo of you, how would you feel?

If you’re anything like me you’d probably feel a bit uncomfortable, worrying about what you’re wearing or how your hair looks.  And then there’s the fear of just not knowing what to do with yourself in front of the camera; how should I sit? What should I do with my hands?

Given half the chance we can all come up with loads of reasons why we don’t want to have our photo taken.  But if you know me at all you’ll know how important I think it is for us all to basically get over ourselves and get in more photos.

If you really don’t like people taking your photo, then here are my best bits of advice on how to start feeling more comfortable in front of the camera.

How to feel more comfortable in front of the camera


The first thing you need to do is face your fear.  

If you keep just avoiding having your photo taken you’ll never get used to it and one day you and your children will look back and be so upset to find that there are no photos of you to be found.

So take a deep breath and prepare to get familiar with your face.

Start by sitting in front of a mirror and spend some time slowing moving your face around to see what angle you like best.  It might be that you like the way you look straight on, or maybe you prefer having your right side a little bit more towards the mirror.

Just have a bit of fun, posing it up and trying out different angles.

Yes you might feel really silly to start with, but no one is looking, no one can see what you’re up to and once you get past that ‘I feel silly’ feeling you should be able to start to relax and have some fun with it.


The next step is to move on from the mirror to getting in front of an actual camera.

This is baby steps though so no need to worry too much.

Just grab your phone and start snapping a few selfies.  Try out the angles that you liked in front of the mirror and see if you still like the way you look at that angle in a photo.

The beauty of digital cameras is that you can take hundreds and hundreds of photos and it doesn’t matter.  It’s not like the days of film cameras where you were limited to 24 photos per roll.  So take photo after photo of yourself, have fun, experiment with the phone at different heights and distances away from you.  Try all sorts of different angles again to learn the way to position yourself so that you’re happy with how you look.

Doing this means that next time you have your photo taken you know which angle to go for and the way to pose so that you’ll be happy with the end result.


The other big reason for all this practising is that it’s like with anything that’s scary or that we’re not really comfortable with; you have to keep exposing yourself to it until those feelings of fear and unease get less and less.

Basically, feel the fear and do it anyway.

I don’t particularly love having my photo taken, but I am much more comfortable with it now than I was a few years ago.  And I think a big part of that is down to me challenging myself to get in a photo every day for a month each year.

I’ve done this every March since 2015, and it is a challenge every time but I am so pleased that I push myself to do it each time.  I really do believe that it’s one of those things where the more you do it, the more you get used to it and the more comfortable you get with it.  Or the less you care about all the little fears that bother you at the start.


The thing for me that pushed me to start doing this every year, and to start my little Instagram community #ShowYouWereThere, is the thought that one day my children will want photos of me from when they were little and I want them to be able to find plenty.

I don’t take the photos for me, although when I look back at them later I’m always grateful that I took them.  The photos are really for my children though.  One day they’ll be all they’ll have, and I want them to have a pile of them to look through.

Tips to feel more comfortable in photos


This thought though, that it’s not for me and not about me, has really helped me basically get over myself. 

I don’t always like the way I look in photos.  I’m not as slim as I’d like to be.  But that doesn’t matter.  When my children look at photos of me they just see me.  The mum that they love.

So if you need a push to get started with being in more photos, let that thought be it.

If you don’t want to do it for you, that’s fine.

Do it for your children instead.

They deserve to have photos of you.


On a more practical note, here are some other things you can do to help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera:

  • Give yourself something to hold.  Having a prop of some kind, even if it’s just your sunglasses or your bag, gives you something to do with your hands so you’re not worrying about where to place them or if they look awkward hanging by your sides.


  • Have photos taken while you’re busy doing something.  This is taking the first point one step further.  You’ll feel much more relaxed if you’re doing something than if you’re just standing stiill having your picture taken.  Try walking towards the camera, hugging your child, or even telling a joke to someone standing behind the camera.


  • Take photos in natural light as much as possible.  It’s just much more flattering.


  • Have someone you’re comfortable with take the photos.  I know that my favourite photos of me are taken by my husband, because I am completely relaxed with him and can just be myself.  If you’re hiring a photographer to take some family photos then see if you can spend a bit of time just chatting with them before you start taking pictures so you can get to know them a bit.


There is no simple step to magically becoming more comfortable and confident in front of the camera I’m afraid. 

You need to push yourself to do it even though it feels uncomfortable, or even scary at times.  The more you do it though, the easier it gets and the more relaxed you’ll feel about it.

And it is so worth it to make sure you exist in photos for your family.


Ideas for photos with you in

The ultimate list of photo ideas to get yourself in more pictures

Once a year I spend a month making a point of getting in a photo every single day.

I’ve been doing it since 2015 and it is always a challenge to come up with ideas for photos so I don’t just end up with 30 identical portraits or selfies.  See, I don’t just want a photo of me for the sake of collecting photos of myself, I want to record my life as it is at that point.  I want something more from the photos than just pictures of my face.

I actually went looking on google recently to try and find some inspiration for self portraits and ideas for photos I could take of myself and couldn’t find what I was looking for.  So I’ve come up with my own list of ideas.

If you’d like to try and get in more photos both with and for your children, here is my ultimate list of ideas for photos you can take of yourself, or that you can get someone else to take of you.

The ultimate list of photo ideas to get yourself in more pictures


The classic portraits

  • A full body posed photo.  Either taken by someone else or by you with a remote/timer
  • A posed headshot or head and shoulders portrait
  • A posed, everyone-look-at-the-camera family photo
  • A more relaxed family photo where you’re looking at each other and interacting rather than smiling at the camera

Classic portrait ideas to get in more photos


Photos of you on your own

  • Reading a book by yourself, in your favourite spot in the house
  • Getting ready for the day in front of the mirror.  Drying/brushing your hair.  Putting on your make up.  Whatever you normally do each day.
  • Holding your favourite mug
  • Close up self timer/remote photos of your face/hands/hair
  • Close up detail shots of jewellery that you love to wear
  • Your shoes/boots while out on a walk, taken by you simply looking down
  • A phone selfie
  • A mirror selfie
  • Close up of details on a favourite piece of clothing
  • Enjoying your favourite snack
  • Working on your laptop/making something
  • Making a meal
  • Overhead/over your shoulder photo of you preparing a meal/making packed lunches
  • You doing other household jobs like loading the washing machine
  • Your shadow
  • Your silhouette – by a window, outside, at sunset

Ideas to get in more photos


Photos of you with your family

  • Feeding your baby, whether it’s breastfeeding, bottle feeding or spoon feeding your baby who is weaning
  • Enjoying food with your children
  • Cuddling your children on the sofa
  • Reading a book with your children
  • Cuddling your children in bed
  • Watching TV/the iPad in bed with your children
  • Playing with your children while they’re in the bath
  • Drawing/colouring with your children
  • Playing a board game
  • Helping with homework
  • Helping your child brush their teeth, get dressed, get ready for the day
  • Baking together
  • Your view of you holding hands with your child
  • Shots taken from behind of you together

Ideas to get in more photos with your children


The thing to think about, if you want to be in more photos that really mean something to you, is going beyond the standard posing and smiling for the camera type photos.

Start thinking about the normal, everyday parts of your life that you might like to capture.  And don’t disregard the ‘boring’ things, the chores and routine things you do every day or every week.  One day those things will change too and having photos of them will be amazing for sparking memories of this stage in your life.

I have photos of me loading the washing machine with Nerys.

Not the most exciting thing, and definitely not the prettiest of photos, but I love them for the memories they bring back of her as a toddler so keen to help me with everything I did.

Use this list as a jumping off point, then take some time to think about the things in your life at the moment that you might miss one day.

Then get to work recording them in photos, for you and for your family.

#ShowYouWereThere round up

Show You Were There round up

It’s almost the end of the month, and it’s Sunday so that means it’s time for another round up from my little Instagram community #ShowYouWereThere.

In case you’ve not come across it before, #ShowYouWereThere is all about getting more parents in more photos, both with and for our children.


My first pick for this time is from Steph at Steph’s two girls.  I love this photo of Steph and her girls, and her caption is kind of what Show You Were There is all about.  So often it’s only when we go to find a photo of ourselves for something that we realise how few we have.  It’s so important that we make a real conscious effort to get in front of the camera more!

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Today has been a good day. Hooray! I had a new hairdresser come to the house to cut my hair. Afterwards, Tamsin said it looked much better, while Sasha said it didn’t look any different 🤔😆 Before the hairdresser arrived, I spent about half an hour looking through old photos to see if I could find one of me where I was happiest with the haircut I had. There were so few photos of me over the years that I found it quite a challenge! So I went to husband and asked him to start taking more photos of me with the girls. Suspect he’s already forgotten. Anyhow, I figured that I do want my girls to be able to look back and find happy memories which I’m in too, so here’s my first attempt 😁 The weather has been gorgeous today so they decided to play Swingball together in the garden. Eldest is run down with a cold following the end of her Gang Shoe last week, but a bit of fresh air did her good I’m sure. And as you probably know, Sasha never gets out enough, so it was lovely to see them both laughing and having fun.

A post shared by Steph Curtis (@stephstwogirls) on


Next up is this lovely family photo from Emma at Sophie Ella and Me.

It’s such a gorgeous moment captured, and I really love the light and tones in the photo.

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Today has been a pretty good one so far! The girls slept through and gave me a lie-in until 9am 🙌🏼, I lost 3lbs at slimming world this week, then went straight to the hairdressers to get my hair done (it feels so much better!). While I was there, I received a call from our solicitor to say we have completed on the house! It’s such a relief, as we’ve waited over a year for this moment. I’m so excited to collect the keys in the morning! So I think Toby and I are going to go out for a meal tonight to celebrate and I might have a gin or two 🍸🎉. I hope you’re all having a lovely day! ❤️ • • • #themagicineveryday #besttimescaptured #letthembelittle #littlefierceones #candidchildhood #uniteinmotherhood #theordinarymoments #childhoodunplugged #lifecloseup #developinglife #myhappycapture #littlelivelaughlove #ourcandiddays #momswithcameras #raisinggirls #girlmama #dailyparenting #candidchildhood #momswithcameras #littleandbrave #letthembelittle #oureverydaymoments #motherhoodrising #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodthroughinstagram #childofig #pixel_kids #showyouwerethere #parentsinthepicture #motherhood_magic

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My third pick this time is from Katy at Hot Pink Wellingtons.  I always love seeing Katy’s photos and this one of her with her youngest son is no different.  It’s so lovely, I would absolutely be printing it if I were Katy!


My last choice for this round up is from Jen at My Mummy’s pennies.

You can’t beat a proper hug like this when things are a bit tough, and I love how it looks like they might topple over in a minute from hugging so tightly.


Thank you so much to everyone who is using #ShowYouWereThere, I love seeing your photos popping up over on Instagram, they always make me smile so much.


Now my turn.

I was sent some clothes to review recently and we headed to the park so Steve could take some photos for me.  Now, I’m not a natural model, I clearly don’t know how to pose like the other girls on Instagram.  But I do like the photos that he captured.  They look like me.

Show you were there round up

If you’d like to join in with my little community and possibly be featured in my next round up (with a nice link back to your blog!) then just share a photo of yourself over on instagram using #ShowYouWereThere.  It’s all about getting more parents in more photos.  And if you’d like to take part in my guest post series ‘The photo I’m thankful for’ then take a look at this post or email me at thisgloriouslife@gmail.com for more information.


#ShowYouWereThere round up

‘Show you were there’ round up

I’ve had a bit of a break, but now it’s once again Sunday morning, and that can only mean one thing.

Time for another round up from my little Instagram community #ShowYouWereThere.

My first pick for this week is this amazingly joyful collage of photos from Jen at Spoonfuls of glitter.

I challenge you to look at these photos and not smile!

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I love these pictures, they really make me smile! Two of my favourite people in the whole world! My Mum and my Nan! There’s almost 20 years between each of us and we are three peas in a pod! Taking a picture is always tricky, we all end up either laughing or my little Nan can’t get in the shot unless me and Mum crouch down or sit beside her!! It’s funny because, Nan is around 5ft, Mum 5ft 3 and I’m 5ft 9, we aren’t sure how that happened but I tower them both!!😂😂 I love them with all my heart, they are my rocks and the best Mum and Nan I could ever ask for!❤️#magicmoments #mymum #threegenerations #mynan #motheranddaughter #nan #nanandgrandaughter #threeblondes #happypicture #laughalittle #donttakelifetooseriously #havefun #laughmore #shared_joy #mumslife #beinggrandma #myrock #bestfriends #showyouwerethere #dontworrybehappy #love #littlestoriesofmylife

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Next up is this wintry photo from Bex at The Mummy Adventure.

I just love this mummy/daughter moment, as well as the bright and colourful coordinating ski-wear!


My third choice is from Elaine at Entertaining Elliot.

This is such a lovely family photo, and such a good reminder in Elaine’s caption of why I started #ShowYouWereThere – the fact that it is so easy to take hundreds of photos of our children but somehow so much harder to remember to all get in a photo together!


My last pick for this time is from the lovely Wendy at Naptime Natter.

I was so happy when I found out that Wendy was pregnant, and I am loving her honest posts about the ups and downs of pregnancy and how getting through the tough parts really does make you feel like wonder woman!

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Yes! I totally feel like Wonder Woman for making it through the first trimester of my third pregnancy. I’m 14weeks +2 now and the past couple months have been HARD! The exhaustion has just been on another level, getting out of bed to do the school run has felt like torture and I’m so glad the days of feeling like I’m going to throw up the second I open my eyes in the morning seem to be over. It’s only been two years but I’d forgotten how hard this first bit of pregnancy is and it’s been so much harder this time around with the two boys to look after. I am so happy to be in the second trimester now, baby bump has popped and energy levels are slowly rising again – thank god!! Yup, I’m totally Wonder Woman for getting through the horrible first trimester. Here’s hoping my pregnancy glow shows up soon! p.s don’t forget, you’re all Wonder Women too! 💕

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Thank you so much to everyone who is using #ShowYouWereThere, I love seeing your photos popping up over on Instagram, they always make me smile so much.


Now my turn.

In the Christmas break we had a few lovely walks along the beach at Swansea bay, perfect for blowing away the cobwebs!

While we were there Steve took the camera from me and grabbed a few photos of me with the children, and here is one of my favourites.

Show you were there

If you’d like to join in with my little community and possibly be featured in my next round up (with a nice link back to your blog!) then just share a photo of yourself over on instagram using #ShowYouWereThere.  It’s all about getting more parents in more photos.  And if you’d like to take part in my guest post series ‘The photo I’m thankful for’ then take a look at this post or email me at thisgloriouslife@gmail.com for more information.


#ShowYouWereThere round up

‘Show you were there’ round up

It’s Sunday morning, and that can only mean one thing.

Time for another round up from my little Instagram community #ShowYouWereThere.

My first pick for this week is from Donna at What the redhead said.

I just think this is such a lovely photo of Donna, taken by Mel from Le coin de Mel.  And I’m just a little bit in love with Donna’s jumper!


Next up is this lovely family photo from Nikki at Tinker and Totsy.

If you click through to Instagram you can see all the family photos they’ve taken in the same spot over the years; it’s so lovely to watch the family grow and change!

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It was our annual visit to @beltonhousent today, we have been going every December for the past 5 years with my sister and her family to see Santa and it is one of my absolute favourite festive traditions. Every year we have taken a photo in this same spot and I love looking back on them (swipe to see them all). Despite the fact that Luna is poorly and we nearly didn’t go, my brother in law is also poorly and didn’t make it, Santa was running over an hour behind schedule (we’ll let him off, he’s a busy guy this time of year!) and Sienna for some reason refused to smile in a photo until we were about to leave 🙄, it was a lovely day. I love that it is quite a new tradition that we unintentionally created but one that we will definitely keep up with! . #thisisthebestofabadbunch #familyphotosarehard #isitreallysohardtoalllookinthesamedirectionandsmile #yesitis #nationaltrust #nationaltrustsconesarethebest #familytraditions #beltonhouse #discoverunder1k #myhappycapture #childhoodunplugged #oureverydaymoments #rememberingthesedays #pottyadventures #wheremywelliestakeme #beinthepicture #showyouwerethere #littlefamiliesofig #outdoorsfamilylife #lovelifeoutside #familysnapsunday

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My third choice is from Suzy at Our bucket list lives.

It sounds like they were having an amazing time, and look pretty snug in those outfits!

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After a ride on a husky sleigh nothing quite beats a warming berry drink. What a perfect way to warm up. Santa's Lapland also had two fires going that we could warm up by. While we were waiting for Santa we could try various snow activities with snow hockey, mini Skidoo for the kids and mini sleighs that they can drive around a bit like a scooter but without the wheels. We are wearing the suits supplied by them for the holiday which were super warm….and very bulky – – – – – #tourist #instapassport #instatraveling #mytravelgram #travelgram #bucketlistkids #bucketlistfamily #saariselka #dreamcometrue #wanderlust #santa #santaslapland #snow #waitingforsanta #finland #beinthepicture #bringthekids #lifecloseup #littlestoriesofmylife #amomentintime #capturingtheday #familydays #meandmineproject #myhappycapture #myhappyviews #nothingisordinary #oureverydaymoments #rememberingthesedays #showyouwerethere

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My last pick for this time is from Natalie at Cooper and Tahoe.

How lovely is this photo?  I would love a picture like this of my husband with the children!

Thank you so much to everyone who is using #ShowYouWereThere, I love seeing your photos popping up over on Instagram, they always make me smile so much.


Now my turn.

We went on a little break to Bluestone last week, and had an absolutely amazing time.

One of the highlights was the Kingdom of the Elves which we had heard so much about but had never been to ourselves before.

The children were a bit nervous to start with, so didn’t want to join in with the dressing up part, but I did my bit and had some mouse whiskers drawn on my face.

Show you were there dec 16

It really made me smile seeing so many adults around the resort and in the blue lagoon with red cheeks and whiskers painted on.  You can’t help but get caught up in the magic of it all!


If you’d like to join in with my little community and possibly be featured in my next round up (with a nice link back to your blog!) then just share a photo of yourself over on instagram using #ShowYouWereThere.  It’s all about getting more parents in more photos.  And if you’d like to take part in my guest post series ‘The photo I’m thankful for’ then take a look at this post or email me at thisgloriouslife@gmail.com for more information.