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A month of photos 2017 (#ShowYouWereThere)

So that’s it.  We’ve reached the end of March, which means I’ve reached the end of my month-long challenge to get in a photo everyday.  I started the project in 2015, and then did it again last year.  Each time pushing myself to be in a photo every day for the whole month.

I chose March mainly because that’s when Mother’s day is, and this seems like a nice way to celebrate that.  Making sure I exist in photos for my children.

I’m really pleased that I’ve managed to do it again for a third year, and that there’s quite a nice bit of variety in the photos that I got this time round.

So here we go, prepare yourself for a whole bunch of photos of me: 

a month of photos 1

a month of photos 2

a month of photos 3

Every time I do this challenge, I find that is just that, a challenge.

Some days I really struggle with it, trying to find different photos to take, when our daily routine is pretty much the same day after day.  I want to keep things interesting, and not just take the same selfie over and over again.  And honestly, it can be hard work at times to find a new way to get in a photo, or an interesting moment to capture.

Looking back at the photos I’ve got from this month though, I’m really pleased that I pushed through.

It’s interesting though, how different these photos are from the ones I took back in 2015.  That first year the photos were much more ‘real’ I think.  Most days I set the camera up somewhere, started the timer then just jumped in to the scene and captured a real moment.  This year, there are some like that but also a lot more posed portraits and detail shots.  I think I like the mix I have this year, but maybe next year I’ll try and get a few more of those documentary style photos again.



Now that March is over, I won’t be pushing myself to get in a photo every single day any more, but I will be aiming to do it at least once a week.  I’ve finally properly started a little instagram community aimed at getting more parents to be in more photos.  And I’m really thrilled that it is slowly starting to pick up.

People have been beginning to use #ShowYouWereThere on their photos and I’ve been featuring my 4 favourites from each week in a round up post here on the blog.

Going forward, I want to make sure I have a photo with me in it to share in my round up post too.  It means so much to me that my husband and I both exist in photos for our children.

Will you join me?  

Push yourself to get in more photos with, and for, your loved ones and then share them with me on instagram using #ShowYouWereThere!


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