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Living Arrows 2019 – 25/52

We have an official rainbow in the house.

After the excitement of Rhys being invested in to his cub pack recently, it was Nerys’ turn last week.  She made her promise at rainbows and got her very special promise badge to wear.


I think about 8 girls in her group made their promise that day, and it was so lovely to watch.

They were all really excited and looked so proud getting their badges in front of all the parents.  I think they were quite keen for us to go once it was done though so they could get on with having a little party to celebrate!

Nerys has a friend from school who goes to the same rainbows group who’s been poorly the last few weeks, but luckily was feeling well enough to go and make her promise too last week.  The two of them were so sweet together, holding hands and supporting each other.

We’ve got parent/teacher consultations at school this week and it sounds like Nerys’ teacher will be using them to get an idea of friendship groups so they can mix the classes up a bit next year.  I really do hope Nerys and her friends do get to stay together.  They’re such a lovely little group of girls and they all seem so fond of each other; I love watching them together.

What is nice though is that the children do seem to mix with all the others in their year group, even if they’re in different classes.  So I’m sure Nerys will be absolutely fine in whatever class she is put in.

So often at the moment she’ll say hello to a child I’ve not seen before, and then tell me they’re in ‘the next door class’.  So I know she does have friends across the whole year and I think it’s great that they are all encouraged to get to know everyone.


Do your children play and mix with lots of children from their year at school, or do they tend to stick with their little group of special friends?

Living Arrows
Living Arrows

Living Arrows 2019 – 24/52

We officially have a cub in the house.

Rhys has been going for about 6 weeks now and was invested in to the pack last week.  He came out of the meeting beaming; so proud and so excited with his handful of badges ready to be sewn on to his uniform.


I really wasn’t sure if he would want to keep going after the half-term break because he kept saying he didn’t know how much he liked it.  I think the main thing behind this uncertainty was just nerves though.

He’d never done anything like this before and honestly it did seem really formal and a bit intimidating when we went along on the first week.

Each time after that though, once he’d walked through the door he seemed fine.  I think it’s one of those things where you build it up in your mind to be scarier than it really is.

He was definitely nervous about being invested though, because he didn’t know what to expect when it happened.

So the week before last we had a chat with one of the pack leaders who was so kind and explained exactly what it involved and reassured him that it wouldn’t be scary at all.  After that he seemed so much calmer about it all, and was so excited last week when he got his uniform on for the first time ready to go along and say his promise.


He’s already done quite a few new things with the cubs that he wouldn’t otherwise have done, and I’m so excited for him to get stuck in now and have more and more new experiences.  I think it’ll do his confidence a lot of good to try out new things and find out what he’s capable of.

Do your children go to cubs/brownies?  What sorts of things do they get up to?


Living Arrows
Siblings june 2019

Siblings project – June 2019

I know it is such a cliché to talk about the weather but I can’t quite believe that last month I shared photos from a gloriously warm sunny day at the beach, but we’ve been back in winter coats again this past week.

Rhys went on a class trip to Big Pit this week and arrived back about 20 minutes after the end of the school day.  And we were all shivering in the playground waiting for the bus to arrive, wondering when the weather would wise up and realise that it’s June not February.

We did have a spell of sunshine at the start of the week though, and I took the camera along when I picked up the children from school.   We quite often play in the woods before heading home and I took the chance to take a few photos of them together.


We did have one big day towards the end of this week, when Rhys was invested into his cub pack.

He’s been going for about 6 weeks now and was incredibly happy after being officially welcomed into the group.  He’s got his uniform now, along with 5 special badges to be sewn on at some point.  I’m so proud of him for deciding to stick with it after a bit of a shaky start when he wasn’t sure if he liked it or not.

Now he seems really keen to get involved and can’t wait to get his first activity badges.

What was particularly sweet was seeing how happy Nerys was for Rhys.

She knew how important it was for him to be invested and got to be there with me to watch which was lovely.  She’s been going to Rainbows for a little longer than Rhys has been at cubs and actually is making her promise next week which she is so excited about.

I do hope they keep on enjoying going and get to experience all sorts of new things through Cubs and Rainbows.  I went to Brownies when I was little and, from what I remember, I used to enjoy it!  This was back in the days of the lovely brown dresses, and brown woolly hats if I remember correctly!  I am quite pleased that they’ve modernised the uniforms since then, they look much more comfortable now.


Did you go to this sort of thing when you were younger, and do your children go now?

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Living Arrows 2019 – 23/52

Does anyone else feel like last week just flew by?

The children were back at school after the half term break, but it was just a four-day week for them with an inset day on Friday.

The days just went by so fast though and all of a sudden it’s Monday again.

The children seemed pretty tired after the first week back at school so we didn’t even really get up to much at the weekend, so I’m not sure why it seemed to go by so quickly.

Rhys spent most of Saturday at his friend’s house while the rest of us had a quiet day at home.  Then Sunday was just swimming lessons and a little play at the park and quick trip to Tesco on the way back home.

Nerys wanted an ice lolly from the shop as a treat, and I managed to convince her that buying a box of these twister lollies was a better idea than getting a single calippo which was what she wanted.  I think she was sold as soon as I told her there were five of these in the box to be honest.

So she had one on the walk home and then another one after her dinner.  I think this might be an indication of the way things will be during the summer holidays this year!

I’m sure we’ve got a set of ice lolly moulds in the house somewhere.  I might need to dig them out and see what different lollies we can make with them instead of buying them all the time.

Do you make your own ice lollies?  What flavours do you tend to make?


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Living Arrows

Living Arrows 2019 – 22/52

Back to school today, and I have a feeling the children are already counting down the weeks and days until the summer holidays.

We had a lovely week last week with the children off for half term and Steve off from work too.

My sister and her girls came over for the day on Wednesday and we saw friends on Thursday for a surprisingly sunny few hours at Oxwich Bay.  On one of the more overcast days we popped out to a small park by Clyne woods for the children to burn off some energy.


The park has a little wooden obstacle course that we all had a go at, which was great fun.  Nerys was very encouraging while I made my way across all the different obstacles, cheering me on with comments of ‘you can do it mummy’.

It’s always funny when you hear your words echoed back to you from your children isn’t it!


We all had a great time until Rhys got hit in the face by one of those web swings.  He was really lucky though as he saw it coming in time to try to move out of the way.  So while he still got a nice cut on his cheek he wasn’t too badly hurt.

When I saw him on the floor, and Steve rushing over to check him, I was so worried that he might have knocked out some teeth or broken his nose.  I honestly was expecting blood everywhere when he stood up, so it was a real relief to see he was ok.

I suppose to be fair we were long overdue something like this happening.  The amount of times I’ve said over the years for them to watch out for the swings as they run too close to them, they were bound to be hit by one at some point!


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May 2019 me and mine

Me and Mine – May 2019

A lot of the time I find that the weeks rush by and all of a sudden it’s the end of the month and I realise that we haven’t taken a family photo for the me and mine project yet.

Sometimes though things fall in to place and the opportunity to take these photos comes up nice and early in the month.

May was one of the rare months when the latter happened.

We went out for a walk in Mumbles the other week and while we were up on a clifftop we managed to get photos for Living Arrows, the sibling project and the me and mine project.  I’ve never felt so organised!



For a long time I felt really self-conscious taking my dslr out and about with me.  And I felt even more self-conscious getting it out and posing for family photos in public places.

I’m so glad I pushed myself to do it though, because it feels much less of a big deal these days.  Using the remote instead of the timer function on the camera makes it easier too, because the whole process of taking these family photos is much quicker now.


We’re planning on visiting quite a few different beaches around Gower this summer, and I quite like the idea of taking a photo of the four of us at each one.

Maybe if I make a point of doing that then I’ll have another month of two over the summer where I have a me and mine photo ready with time to spare!

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Living Arrows 2019 – 21/52

After a short but still quite tiring half term, we had a nice quiet few days pottering around at home this weekend.

The only thing we really got up to was a swimming lesson for Rhys and a birthday party for Nerys.  One of her friends had a princess-themed party at her house and she was so excited about it.

Her friend’s parents had arranged for Belle to come along to the party, to chat with the girls and to do their hair.  She did an amazing job and all the girls looked so lovely with their hair plaited and decorated with flowers and glitter spray.


Nerys was so sad taking this out at bedtime and asked me if I could try and do something like it for her another day.

The thing is, my skills are nowhere near this level!  I can manage a normal plait and a ponytail but that’s about my limit.  I’d love to learn how to do french plaits and things though.  So if Nerys has the patience to sit still and let me practice I might find a few YouTube tutorials and see what I can teach myself.


Do you ‘do’ your child’s hair a lot?  Or do you tend to stick to the basics like ponytails and bunches?


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