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Living Arrows 2019 – 48/52

Well after having Nerys home from school the week before, last week it was Rhys’ turn to be poorly.

There are so many bugs and viruses going round their school at the moment it’s unbelievable.  Rhys had a temperature, headache and kept saying he felt dizzy, so he ended up coming home from school early on a few occasions last week.

I’m hoping we’re out of the woods with the bugs now though, as the children have a busy few weeks coming up.  They both seemed pretty much back to normal at the weekend and it was lovely to head out to Clyne for a walk and to take a few photos.


The busy Christmas period kicks off this week with Nerys’ school concert, which she is so excited about.

Her year is doing ‘Christmas around the world’ which is what Rhys’ class did a few years ago.  She has been practising loads, singing all the songs and telling me what lines she has to say.


Rhys’ concert is the week after and he’s doing ‘Christmas through the decades’ which is new to me and sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch.  Saying that, I already know I’ll be fighting the tears at one stage because they’re singing and signing ‘Hallelujah’.


I always love going to see the children in their Christmas concerts, they put so much time into learning all their songs and their lines and I love seeing how enthusiastic they all are at the performances.


Do your children do a different concert each year like this, or do they tend to stick to the classic nativity play?


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Me and mine Nov 2019

Me and Mine – November 2019

November has been a bit of a funny old month for us, mainly spent juggling germs.

I had one week where Nerys was home from school one day and had to be picked up early on two more days because she was unwell.  Then the next week Rhys caught another virus that seems to be doing the rounds so we had a few days of him needing to come home from school early too.

All of which meant that I was all out of sync with the days and not knowing if I was coming or going.

It has made me so grateful though, to be able to work around the children.  To be able to stop what I’m doing and take care of them whenever they need me.

Touch wood as we reach the end of the month both children seem to be feeling pretty well again.


Our family photo for this month was taken earlier today on a walk in Clyne woods.

With the illnesses and wet weather over the last few weeks we’ve not had many opportunities for family pictures so I was so happy we were all feeling well enough to head out for a walk and to take these.


I am quite pleased in a way that we were forced to slow things down in November because December is likely to be quite busy.

It still feels a bit early to me but the Christmas season kicks off for us next week with Nerys’ Christmas concert at school.  Then Rhys has got his the week after.  I have to admit, I’m really looking forward to both of them.

The children and the teachers always work so hard and the concerts are always so much fun to watch.


The next few weeks will also include going to pick a Christmas tree, then digging out the decorations for it when it’s delivered.

I’m also hoping to meet up with my sister for a day out shopping, and possibly taking the children to see Frozen 2 too.  Then we’ll be almost at the end of term and ready for the madness of Christmas with the children’s cousins over from the Isle of Man.


I’ve been fighting feeling festive so far, it just feels too early to me to be getting all Christmassy in November but I’ve learnt from previous years not to fight it too hard because then I end up not feeling festive at all!

So with December here I think I’ll start letting it in.

We’ll put up our tree, get some fairy lights up in the house and I’ll start slipping some baileys into my coffee in the evenings.


Are you feeling festive already or are you holding out a little bit longer?

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Living Arrows 2019 – 47/52

Disclosure – We were sent the toys featured in this post for review purposes

I’m cheating this week.

I normally make sure I have at least one photo of the children taken each week for my living arrows posts.

But I just didn’t manage it this week.  So instead I’m sharing photos that I took last Sunday.

We were sent some gorgeous goodies from shopDisney including pjs and some cuddly toys, and the children did an amazing job posing for photos with them all.


Nerys was particularly taken with the Minnie Mouse toy, and Rhys didn’t want to let go of Nemo.

I worry at times about the children suffering from photographer’s child syndrome, and not wanting to have their pictures taken.  But they were so patient with me, posing with different toys and helping me rearrange everything on the bed.


I’ve ended up using these photos for this week’s post because we had such a quiet week last week, and it was so grey and wet the whole time, that there weren’t really any great opportunities to take any new pictures.

Nerys was up and down all week feeling unwell.  She had one day off school with it, and on two other days I was called to go and pick her up early because she was feeling so poorly at school.

By the weekend she was feeling much better, but still has a chesty cough that won’t quite shift.  I was really hoping Rhys would get away without catching anything but he has been sneezing like nobody’s business all weekend and I think he has a bit of head cold.

So Saturday we strolled to the library to exchange some books, and then spent the rest of the day in the warm at home.

And on Sunday we took the children to their swimming lessons and Steve took them up to see his dad in the afternoon, but that was the extent of our weekend activities.

I’m hoping having quiet weekends when we can will help the children rest up a bit and maybe give them a fighting chance of not picking up the next round of winter bugs and germs!



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Living arrows

Living Arrows 2019 – 46/52

We have had a very, very quiet weekend.

On Friday morning Nerys wasn’t feeling great, but she went into school with the promise that her teacher could phone me if she needed to come home.

I waited all day, really expecting the phone to ring.  But she made it through the school day like a trooper.

As soon as she came out of the door though I could tell she wasn’t well.  And she spent Friday evening and all day Saturday cwtched up on the sofa with a chesty cough and a temperature.

She was feeling a bit brighter yesterday but we decided it was best if she gave her swimming lessons a miss.  So I took Rhys by himself over to the pool.


He spent the whole walk there telling me about how certain games in Roblox work and the best way to play them.

I don’t think he stopped for breath, he was so excited to talk to me about it.

He did really well at his swimming lessons, and didn’t complain too much about having to stop off at the supermarket on the way home for a few bits and pieces.  I think the iced doughnuts I bought might have helped with that though!


Sunday afternoon was spent taking some photos for a blog post and generally taking it easy.

Nerys is still coughing away but seems better in herself so hopefully she’s on the mend and won’t end up missing school this week.  There are so many bugs going round her class though so I won’t be too surprised if she goes back downhill a bit.

I think this week might be one for a few early nights for all of us to try and fight off these winter germs that are trying to take us all down!


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The siblings project

The siblings project – November 2019

I’m not sure where the last month has gone, because suddenly it’s time for another siblings project post!

This month I’ve actually not taken any pictures of Rhys and Nerys together, just the two of them.  So this month it’s the siblings and their daddy project for us.


I took these photos towards the end of October, when it was a warm enough day to go to the beach without coats on.

We walked along the beach to county hall, following the tide line.  I love looking at all the things that the tide brings in and leaves behind on the sand.  Among the seaweed and twigs you can always find loads of pretty shells and quite often mermaid’s purses.


On this particular walk we acquired a nice collection of big sticks, perfect for using as swords and drawing in the sand with.

I think Rhys had about 4 sticks in his hands at one point, along with his toy pokeball that he brought out with us.  I often joke about how many sticks we collect and the nice pile that’s growing outside our front door.   But I know I’ll really miss it in the future.

One day I’ll realise that we’ve not brought sticks home in a while.

It makes me quite sad to think about it to be honest.  I love watching my children growing up but oh my word I want time to slow down just a bit.

What random little thing do you think you’ll miss one day when your children are older?!

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Living Arrows 2019 – 45/52

We made it through the first week back at school in one piece.

It was a pretty busy week for us though, so we had a really relaxed weekend at the end of it.  After being allowed to stay up late on Friday night, the children had a quiet day at home with us on Saturday.

Then on Sunday the weather was perfectly autumnal, chilly, bright and crisp, so we went for a walk through Singleton park and for a quick play in Cwmdonkin park on our way home from swimming lessons.


That sort of slow weekend was just what we needed after a busy week.

The children were with their grandparents after school on Monday, and then Tuesday we walked down to the beach for the fireworks.

We normally go to the big display at St Helens here in Swansea, but this year to celebrate 50 years of it being a city the council put on a free display at the beach.  It wasn’t quite as spectacular as the normal fireworks, but it was still loads of fun.


Wednesday was a really big day for Rhys.

He’d put his name down to swim for the school in an urdd swimming competition a few months ago, which we only found out about just before half term.

He had volunteered for all the races, and was picked to do butterfly and the relay race.  All well and good but he’s not really done butterfly much in his lessons, let alone completed a 25m length doing it!

Fair play to him though, he went for it.

He was swimming against two other boys and he came last.  But he did it.  He gave it his all and didn’t give up even when he realised that the other boys had finished ahead of him.

Considering he’s barely learnt to swim that stroke and has never been involved with anything like this before he did amazingly.  I’m pretty proud of him to be honest.


With that out of the way we had our usual night of Rainbows and Cubs on Thursday, and then Friday it was Taiko drumming after school for Rhys.

He’s been going since the start of this school year and is absolutely loving it.  He even did a little demonstration of it at Cubs last week which he was so excited about.

The one downside is that he’s now asking for a drum for Christmas and I’m just not sure I’m ready for that!

Do your children do any clubs after school?  What are they particularly enjoying at the moment?


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Living arrows

Living Arrows 2019 – 44/52

We’re back to the normal routine this week, after a lovely break from it all over half term last week.

Steve had the week off work so we had plenty of time all together, just enjoying slowing things down for a bit.  We did get up to something quite exciting on Friday though.  We headed into town and visited Plantasia.

I had been a few years ago with Rhys for a birthday party, and I think he’s been in the last year or two on a school trip, but we’d never all been together as a family.

We spent almost 2 hours wandering round, exploring and spotting all the different creatures.  I think my favourites were these 2 though!


If you’ve not heard of it before, Plantasia is basically a little tropical rainforest, right in the centre of Swansea.

We had a great time peering in glass cages at tarantulas and snakes, reading about all the different plants that grow in the rainforests and trying to get the parrot to chat back to us.  There were a lot of interactive features that the children really loved, including a tunnel to crawl through with an ant colony in the middle.

Possibly their favourite part though was the meerkats.

There’s a tunnel that goes underneath their enclosure, with a dome in the middle so you can basically pop your head up and be right in amongst them.  I was so tempted to crawl through that tunnel with the children!


We had a pretty quiet weekend to end the half term holidays, with a rainy day spent indoors on Saturday then a walk through Singleton Park and Cwmdonkin Park on Sunday afternoon in glorious autumn sunshine.

We’ve got our fingers crossed for a dry evening on Tuesday for bonfire night.

This year Swansea are doing something a bit special and putting on a huge free firework display on the beach at Swansea bay.  We’re all really excited about it, and have pretty high hopes that it’s going to be an impressive show!

Are you going to a fireworks display this week, or did you go to one at the weekend?


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