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Living Arrows 2021 – 30/52

I can’t quite believe we’re already a week and a half into the summer holidays.

Last week was a bit of a strange one with it being so incredibly hot here.  We didn’t really do that much during the days because it just felt too hot to be out and about too much.

What we did do though was make the most of late afternoon high tides and pop down to the beach for a swim when the heat of the day had started to ease up a bit.

I even joined Steve and the children for a whole family swim in the sea one afternoon.  The children absolutely loved us all being in the water together and I really enjoyed properly swimming instead of just paddling at the edge of the water.


The highlight of the week for Nerys though was on Friday when she went to her friend’s birthday party.

They live close to the lido at Blackpill, so after a brilliant few hours of party fun she got to splash around in the water to cool off.

I walked to pick her up so we really took our time heading home.


She played in the lido for about half an hour and then moved on to the playpark nearby after she’d dried off and got dressed.

Then we headed home along the prom, stopping halfway back for ice cream from the van that I’d spotted on my way to get her.

We also stopped a few times along the way to pop down on to the beach, to try out the outdoor gym equipment, and to play in Brynmill park.

So we managed to make what could have been a 45 minute walk home last about 3 hours, which I thought was pretty impressive!

I think Nerys just really enjoyed having that time together, not in a rush to be anywhere and with the freedom to stop wherever and whenever we wanted along the way.

It’s been such a strange school year for the children, I think we’ll make time for more things like this over the summer holidays where they can just be with us with no pressures or expectations on any of us.

Have you got a jam-packed summer planned or are you slowing down the pace for the holidays?

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Living Arrows 2021 – 29/52

Well I think we can safely say that summer has arrived.

The children broke up from school on Wednesday and it’s been pretty much non-stop sunshine since then.

Nerys and I spent a few hours in town on Thursday, picking up some new summer clothes and some shoes for her after another little growth spurt.  Then on Friday I headed off to Kent for the weekend with my sister to surprise our dad for his birthday.

He had absolutely no idea we were going and the whole family being together for the first time in a very, very long time was, I think, the best present we could’ve got him.

While I was away Steve and the children made the most of the hot weather with the first swim in the sea of the year.


They went to the beach with my in-laws and had a brilliant time swimming and splashing and diving under the waves.

The weather is looking like it’ll be hot all week so we’re planning a few more trips to the beach for dips in the sea.  Luckily the tide times work out quite nicely this week so we can pop down in the afternoons when the sea’s really had a chance to warm up.

At low tide here you have to walk about a mile to actually get to the water, so we always have to plan things like this around high tide!  Now the children are older though we can be a lot more flexible with when we do things and I think we’ll spend a few evenings at the beach this year, knowing we don’t have to worry so much about getting them home and to bed at a certain time.

Are you planning on heading to the beach this summer?

Do you have to travel a fair way to get to the coast or can you just pop to the beach like we do here?

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Siblings July 2021

The siblings project – July 2021

We made it to the end of the school year.

It was looking a bit shaky for a while when the children and I were all ill and ended up isolating as a precaution towards the end of term.  But they made it back in for the last 3 days of school before the holidays started.

Nerys in particular was really happy to actually be there for the end of term, after missing out on so much at the end of last year.  And the last few days were all about having fun together, and ended with a non-school uniform day which always seems to make the children happy.


We also found out who their teachers will be next year and which of their friends will be in the same classes with them.

Nerys has a teacher that we’ve not met before, but she’s been told that he’s a lot of fun so hopefully it’ll work out well.  She’s also having a bit of a change with the friends that she’ll be with, which will take a bit of getting used to but I’m sure will be fine once she’s settled in.

Rhys on the other hand is back with one of his favourite teachers which we’re both thrilled about.  She knows him really well and I know she’ll be brilliant at starting to get him ready for the big move up to secondary school next September.

He’s also back with his little gang of friends that got split up into different classes next year so he is as happy as a very happy thing about that.


For now though we’re trying to put thoughts of school to the back of our minds and enjoy some time off to relax and have fun.

We’ve already spent a fair bit of time at the beach, paddling, trying to skim stones across the water, and swimming when it’s been hot enough.


At some point this summer we’ll head out to gower and visit some of the gorgeous beaches there.  It’s just so easy to pop down to Swansea bay though, that we so often don’t make it any further!

One place I would love to go this year though is to Rhossili to see the sunflower fields.  I’ve seen some stunning photos from the fields over the last few summers, but we’ve not made it there ourselves yet.  So I’d love to go and see them for myself.

Is there anywhere near to you that you really want to tick of your list of places to visit this summer?

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Living Arrows 2021 – 28/52

One more week of school to go.  Actually, just three days for us, thanks to inset days at the end of the week.  The summer holidays are well and truly in sight.

The children both seem to have really mixed feelings about it, which I wasn’t quite expecting.

They’re really looking forward to the break and to have plenty of time to have fun and chill out a bit.  But they’re also both feeling really quite sad about the year being over.  Nerys in particular is sad about moving on from her year 2 teachers.

I think she’s still feeling some of the upset of last year when they missed out on almost all of the summer term with their teachers.  And she’s also so aware that she might not see this year’s teachers at all next year if there are still lots of restrictions in place.

So I’ve been trying to reassure her that things will be ok, and that she’ll have a great time with her new teacher in September.  We’ve also started making our plans for fun things to do and to look forward to this summer.


With things the way they are at the moment we’ll be able to meet up with friends a bit more than we did last summer, so I’m planning on making quite a few play dates with the children’s friends in the local parks and at the beach.

We’ve also got a few birthday parties to look forward to as long as the weather plays ball!

We’re not planning on going away anywhere during the holidays, but we’ll play tourists a bit at home instead.  There’s an open top bus that runs from town to Mumbles along the seafront, so we’ll take a ride on that at some point.  We might hop on the land train as well one day, which is always fun.


I’m hoping to find a good balance of active days out and quiet days at home, while trying to squeeze work in where I can.

The most important thing for me is for the children to have fun this summer.

I still can’t quite get my head around the year they’ve had, with all the disruption and home learning and spells of isolating at home.  They’ve both coped amazingly well with it all, and have had really lovely, positive reports from school too.

I think we’re all feeling pretty proud of our children at the moment aren’t we?!


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Me and mine June 2021

Me and Mine – June 2021

I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but June sort of got away from me.

So our family photos for the month were shifted ever so slightly into July.  But better late than never, right?!

We took these photos in a little hidden spot in Singleton park yesterday, after being house bound for 10 days isolating.  The children and I had all felt under the weather the week before and, long story short, we decided to play it safe and keep ourselves hidden away.

We’re all in the clear now though, and had a lovely time making the most of being able to leave the house again.


The children took their scooters out with us, and we went for a big loop around Singleton park and then back home through Brynmill park.

I want to have a look for any parks that we don’t normally go to that are still quite close to home, to see if we can beat our record of the number of parks visited on foot in one day.

The last time we did it, 2 summers ago, I think we managed 5 in one day. And I think now the children are that bit older, and can manage an even longer walk, we can possibly get to even more than that.

So that’s one more thing to pop on our summer bucket list, now that the holidays are just around the corner!

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Living Arrows 2021 – 27/52

Does anyone else’s child go through phases where, all of a sudden, they’re obsessed with something again that they’ve not mentioned in months?  Or years?

This is why I can never throw anything away!  Because I never know when the children might suddenly rediscover their interest in things.

The latest thing in our house is Pokémon cards.  Again.


Rhys has been into these on and off for years now, learning all about the different Pokémon and which ones are the best to have in your collection.

I still don’t know all that much about them to be honest, but every now and then I think I should take some time to learn so I understand what he’s on about when he tells me all about the latest card in his collection.

He does have a Pokemon handbook on his bookshelf so maybe I should add that to my summer reading list this year!


Do your children like Pokémon?

What things have you found that your children keep coming back to over the months and years?


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Living Arrows 2021 – 26/52

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!

We had a really lovely evening making the most of where we live on Thursday last week.

Rhys’ cub pack arranged to have their meeting at the beach.  So Nerys and I decided to tag along and have some fun too.

We walked down through Singleton park and dropped Rhys with his pack once we got onto the beach.  Then Nerys and I headed straight to the water for a paddle.


The timing was perfect, with the tide being almost completely in.  So we splashed around in the water for a while, before heading off for a walk along the beach.

We walked along to Victoria Park so Nerys could have a play in the recently refurbished play area.

I hadn’t actually been since it was redone, and was really impressed with how it all looks.  There’s 2 climbing frames with slides, 2 sets of swings, a tyre swing, a roundabout, a trampoline, and a really fun bouncy see-saw.

There was even a twister mat painted on to the floor and a spinner attached to the wall so you can play a few games of that if you get bored with the swings and things!

Nerys had a great time in the park, and almost had to be dragged away so we could back along the beach in time to meet Rhys at the end of his cubs session.  He had spent a busy hour and a half having a blast digging holes and playing in the sand and was covered from head to toe by the time we found him.

We had planned to walk back home again but, honestly, I was quite relieved when the rain clouds started to close in and Steve phoned offering to come and pick us all up.  It is only a 20/30 minute walk back from the beach to our house, but it’s all uphill and can be a bit of a slog after a few hours playing in the sea air!

I think we’ll be spending a few more evenings at the beach during the summer holidays though, it was such a lovely way to end the day.


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