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Living Arrows 2019 – 33/52

We went on a bit of a mission this weekend.

My husband went out to do the third leg of his epic walk round Gower that he does every summer.  So the children and I did a bit of a long walk ourselves.  We decided to see how many of the local parks we could get round in one afternoon.

We went to Cwmdonkin park to start with and had a good play on the big slide, the zip-wire and the swings.

That’s where Nerys’ photo was taken.  She’s worked out how to get herself swinging now and is so proud of herself each time she does it.


After Cwmdonkin we walked to Brynmill Park for a play on the climbing frame and the web swing.

We wandered round to feed the ducks and then walked through Singleton Park and along to the playpark by Singleton boating lake.  Then it was back up through Singleton park again, with a stop by the fallen tree for a climb.

Rhys brought these sticks with him from the collection he keeps outside our front door.  He was busy practising all his ninja moves with them when I took this photo.


Once I got both children down from the tree we headed to our final park for the day, the little one we go to close to their swimming lessons.

As we headed out of Singleton park Nerys spotted a book that had been hidden as part of the ‘look for a book’ group that’s popped up recently here in Swansea.  She was so excited when I explained to her what it was all about, and now we have the extra fun of hiding the book again this week for someone else to find and enjoy!


By the end of our trek we’d made it round 5 different parks which I’m honestly quite impressed with.

I think I was more tired by the end of the day than the children though, I really don’t know where all their energy comes from!


We’re hopefully seeing my siblings next week which I’m really looking forward to.

We don’t all get together all that often with us being scattered around the country, and I absolutely love seeing all the cousins together.

Hopefully the weather and the tide times will be on our side and we can head to the beach, which is what we did last year.  You can’t always trust the two factors to come together here in Swansea though!


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Siblings project – August 2019

We’re at about the halfway point in the school summer holidays.

Which means the children have been spending a lot of time together in the last month, and we’ve had more opportunities to take photos for the siblings project.

I’ve been taking our old compact camera out and about with us this summer, and so most of this month’s photos are from our trips into town to visit the museums.  We spent a great morning in Swansea museum one day, painting animals on rocks.  And on another day we visited the waterfront museum for national play day.  They had so much for the children to do there, I was really impressed, and Rhys and Nerys had an amazing time.


The last photo for this month’s siblings project is one I took on my birthday and I just absolutely love it.

I took the children to do a flamingo-themed craft activity at our local library, then we walked over to Singleton Park for a little picnic lunch.  We found a spot where we would see the sea and there was plenty of space for the children to run around between bites of food.


I love how you can really see the gap in Nery’s smile where her first tooth has come out.

What I really love though is how this photo captures the little things that really made my birthday perfect.  I started my birthday just after midnight, in my garden in my pyjamas, being treated to two of the most amazing shooting stars I think I’ve ever seen.

Then I got to spend the day hanging out with Rhys and Nerys who, for the most part, were really lovely company all day.  And it was all finished off with pizza for tea all together and a glass of wine after the children went to bed.


Now all of a sudden I’m aware that there’s not really that long to go until the new school year starts.

And as much as I’m finding it hard to juggle everything with the children home I am really enjoying having this time with them.  I’m very aware of how lucky I am to be in this position, to be able to shift my work around and not have to find childcare for Rhys and Nerys during the holidays.

I know I’ll really miss them when we jump back into the school routine in a few weeks.

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Living Arrows 2019 – 32/52

Last week was a big one for Nerys.

After a few weeks of wobbling she lost her first tooth.  She swallowed it actually, poor thing.

We were sitting together eating lunch on Friday and she turned to me and asked where her tooth was.  A quick look in her mouth confirmed that it had come out, but there was no sign of it anywhere.

So we’ve made the assumption that it got swallowed along with her lunch.

She was a bit upset to start with, but once I’d reassured her that the tooth fairy would still come and visit her if we wrote her a little note she was quite happy.


As for me?

I’m feeling all kinds of emotional about it.

5 just seems too young to be starting to lose baby teeth, even though it does seem to be quite normal these days to start losing them at that age.

It feels like a really big thing though, another big step away from her being my baby.


I’ll get used to it soon enough though I’m sure.

This gappy smile will be our normal for a while.  Until another tooth comes out I suppose!


How old was your child when they lost their first tooth?


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living arrows

Living Arrows 2019 – 31/52

The summer holidays are in full swing here.

We’re still very much enjoying the break from the school routine and not having to be up and out every morning.

Steve’s really busy at work at the moment, so we didn’t go too far from home at the weekend.  Instead we went for a walk round Singleton Park to see the floral displays.

August is possibly the best month to go and see them, as they’re all in full bloom and absolutely stunning.

Steve took this photo of Nerys as we had a little sit down before heading back home, and I just had to use it for this week’s living arrows post because I thought it was really sweet.


Last week we also spent an afternoon in Brynmill park, where we bumped into friends from school which was a lovely surprise.

We had some time at home doing art projects for the children’s cubs/rainbows badges, as well as baking some flapjacks which are so tasty.

The busiest day for us was Thursday when we got the bus into town and visited Swansea Museum.  They had a craft activity on where the children got to paint rocks.  They had a great time and the artist running the session was lovely and even let Rhys take home one of the sample rocks that she had painted.


Our plans for this week are still quite vague, which is no bad thing in my book.

What I do know is that my sister and her girls are coming to see us for the day on Tuesday which we’re all very excited about.  The cousins always love getting together and it’s so nice now they’re all older and my sister and I can actually chat in relative peace!


How is your summer going so far?


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me and mine July d

Me and Mine – July 2019

We made it to the end of term and have happily survived the first week of the summer holidays!

The last few weeks of term were busy ones for the children but they coped brilliantly.  We had an absolutely amazing evening during the very last week of term when their school put on a concert in the Brangwyn Hall.

It was so well done and all the children sang beautifully and I just felt so lucky to be there and watch them all.


Now though it’s really lovely to just slow down the pace a bit.  Let the children regroup.  Have a few lazy days and late nights.

We’re not going away on holiday anywhere this summer but I always feel like we don’t really need to, living where we do.  There are so many parks and outdoor spaces to play in close to home, and then we have all the stunning beaches of Gower just along the coast.


As part of our plan to visit quite a few different beaches this summer we popped to Langland Bay last week.  I always love taking our family photos for the me and mine project at the beach, so I grabbed the chance to take this month’s pictures while we were there.


I think we’ve become pros at the ‘look at each other and smile’ type photos, don’t you agree!

Those are always the ones I love the most though, the expressions on our faces always just make me smile so much when I look at them.


August is looking like it’ll be a good month for us, with the school holidays in full swing.

We’ll be heading off to lots more beaches, spending afternoons in the park, doing crafts at the museum and visiting the local art gallery.  I’m also hoping for clear skies around my birthday so we can spot some shooting stars during the perseid meteor shower.  We let the children stay up last year to try and spot some, but it was quite cloudy and they didn’t manage to see any.

I would really love for them to get to see a couple this year.


What have you got planned for the summer?

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Living Arrows 2019 – 30/52

We have had a nice gentle start to the school summer holidays.

We’ve been to the library and the children have signed up for the summer reading challenge again.  I can’t remember if we actually went back at the end of last summer in time for them to properly complete it so I really want to make sure they do it this year.

Nerys picked out a big book of ‘things to do’ so that’ll be great for when we have days at home.  It’s got things to cook, things to make and activities to try and looks like it should keep us busy for a while.


I braved taking the children with me to Aldi one morning and they actually loved it.

They each had a shopping list, one on my phone and one paper copy, and really seemed to enjoy finding all the things we needed and crossing them off the list.  I have a feeling the novelty might have worn off by the end of the holidays though!


We’ve also done a trip to the park to try out some different sports with ParkLives, a nice amount of time just taking it easy at home and a trip to the beach.


The plan for this summer is to visit quite a few different beaches on Gower and this week we decided on Langland Bay.

It’s a really popular beach on Gower but we don’t tend to go down there all that often.  So it was lovely to go somewhere different and the children loved exploring the rock pools and paddling in the sea.

We weren’t planning on being at the beach all that long so didn’t take swimming things for the children.  I had a sneaky feeling they would still want to splash in the sea though, so I put a change of shorts in a bag for them.

Good thing I did really because it wasn’t long before Rhys was pretty soaked up to the waist and had to take his shorts off to try and dry them out a bit.  Well, if you can’t jump around in the sea in your pants when you’re a kid though when can you?!


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Living Arrows 2019 – 29/52

We made it.  The summer holidays are finally here.

Well, technically the last day of term is today but the school made it an inset day.  I’m so pleased that they did, because going in for just one day at the start of the week would’ve felt so pointless!

Last week was a busy one for the children.

They’ve both been working really hard with all the rest of the school getting ready for a concert that took place on Thursday night.

It was the first time I’d seen the whole school perform together, and it had to be held in the Brangwyn Hall to fit everyone in.

Nerys’ class sang a rousing rendition of ‘Don’t stop me now’ and Rhys sang and signed ‘A thousand years’ with his year group.  Each year group did a different song and the whole school sang together a few times.  There were also performances from a dance group, the taiko drum club, the orchestra and the school choir.

It was an absolutely amazing evening and all the children were fantastic.  They all sang their hearts out and I just felt so emotional watching them.  I did well though, and didn’t actually cry at all!

After all the work and energy that went into the concert the children were quite tired by the end of the week, so we had a really lazy weekend.  The furthest we went was to swimming lessons then the little park on the way home.


The children have never really gone on the see-saw together for some unknown reason, so it was really nice to see them playing well on it at the weekend.

They’re quite nicely balanced in terms of weight these days so I think it was really fun for them.


We’ve not got too much planned for this week; I’m sort of easing into the holidays with a trip to the local library to sign up for the summer reading challenge and maybe a trip to town or the museum later in the week.


Have your summer holidays started?  Are you raring to go or are you taking things slowly this week?


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