Blogs I’ve loved this month – March 2017

At the end of February I shared a few blog posts that I loved reading that month.  One of the things I love about blogging is how supportive the community is, and so I want to carry on showing my support for the amazing bloggers out there by sharing the posts that I particularly enjoy reading each month.

So, here are a few of the blogs I’ve loved in March:

Blogs I've loved this month

The six words every Mother needs to hear

This lovely post from Mummy Wales really resonated with me.  In it she talks about those early days of parenting, when everything is overwhelming and exhausting, and how 6 magic words can help get you through it.  And how those same words can help you through all the other times as your babies get older, that feel so tough when you’re right in the middle of it.

Head over and take a read of the post to find out what these magic words are!


Confessions of a third time mum

This post from Confessions of a crummy mummy really made me smile.  We would love to have a third child, and this post gave me an insight to the chaos we could expect if we go for it!  If there are any parents out there feeling far from perfect, then go and have a read, it’s a brilliantly honest post that will make you feel much better about not having it all together.  I mean honestly, does anyone really have it all together all the time?!


DIY yarn Easter eggs

I love a good craft activity, and so do Rhys and Nerys.  This idea for making eggs from wrapping balloons in yarn is one I’ve seen a few times in the past, but it’s always seemed a bit tricky for me to do with the children.  This post from Mudpie Fridays makes it look do-able though!  And the end result looks fab too.  I think we might give this a go in the Easter holidays.


5 mistakes I made in my first year of blogging

I love reading posts like this, and getting to learn from other people’s experiences.  I read this one from Mum in Brum this month and found myself nodding along to all of the points she made.  There is so much to learn when you start blogging, I think a lot of us make these same ‘mistakes’ in the beginning.  It’s funny though, I think working through these things was the best way for me to learn!


Things ten years of motherhood have taught me

When you have young children it’s easy to get just really caught up in that stage of parenting.  And so I really enjoy reading blogs from parents of older children, to get a bit of insight about what I can expect in the future and gain some perspective on these early years.  This post from wellies on the school run was a really great read about the things she’s learned from ten years of motherhood.  Go and have a read, it’s just lovely and comforting and sort of bitter sweet and is what parenting is all about.


So there we have it.

Hope you find something new in there to read and maybe some new bloggers to check out!

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