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Me and mine – March 2017

I did it, I finally did it!  

After writing last month about how annoyed I get with myself for leaving taking our family photo until the last minute, I made a point this month of taking one when we had the chance.

We were at Brynmill park, just a standard weekend trip out for a scoot around and a breath of fresh air.  It was dry, the sun was even out.

So we set the camera up on a wall and took a quick family photo.

me and mine

I’m so happy we did it!

And I really love that this month’s photo is from the park, because it feels like March has been all about the park!  We’ve not really been to the beach at all this month, choosing instead to pop the scooters in the boot of the car and head to Brynmill park.

I’ve felt really proud watching the children scoot around.  Nerys has got such confidence on her scooter, it’s brilliant.  And Rhys has just tried so hard with his, he’s really perservered with learning how to balance on it and pick up some speed.

The thing that makes me smile about this photo though, is that Steve and I both said afterwards that we didn’t feel self-conscious taking it.  In the past I’ve felt really quite shy about setting the camera up in public and posing for pictures.  I’m not sure why, because so many people do it!  But this month we just went for it, and you know what?  No one batted an eyelid.  Shows how much of our worries are just in our heads!

Now, having moved past that concern, and broken the cycle of leaving family photos until the last minute, what are the chances I can be this organised again in April?  And I wonder if maybe we’ll get a shot of us outside without winter coats and hats on!


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