Me and mine

Me and Mine – April 2019

I can’t quite believe that another month has come and gone already.

It doesn’t feel long ago at all that I was on this beach taking our family photos for March, and now here we are again for April.  After the glorious weather over the Easter weekend it seems a bit of a shame that our photos are once again of us all wrapped up in our winter coats.  But I’m hoping that come next month we’ll be able to shed a few layers and get some slightly different looking pictures!

These photos were taken at the weekend, right at the end of a lovely week off for everyone.

We needed a few bits from the shop and wanted to get out for some fresh air so we went for a walk along the beach to get the shop at the bottom of Singleton Park.

It was really overcast and drizzly out which meant the beach was almost deserted.  I really love it down there when it’s like that, so peaceful, it’s just really soothing.  And a perfect chance to get some family photos without feeling self-conscious with lots of people around!


I have a funny feeling May is going to fly by just as quickly as April did.

This next term at school is only 4 weeks which feels really short to me, so it’ll be half term and the end of May before we know it.  I don’t like to think too much about how quickly time seems to be passing at the moment.

They do say don’t they that time passes more quickly as you get older and I really do think that’s true.  I also think that it seems to speed up as your children get older.  I’m sure the baby years lasted such a long time but the months are whizzing by now the children are older.

I just want to hold on to it.

Anyone else feel the same way?

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