Mummy was there – project complete!

During the month of March I decided to carry out a personal photography project in an extended celebration of Mothering Sunday!

I aimed to get in front of the camera with my family every day for a month, after realising that I take a lot of photos of my children but there really aren’t that many of me with them.  I know that when they’re older they’ll really appreciate being able to look back at these photos of all of us together, rather than just thousands of photos of just them!

I love all of the photos that we got during March and we all had a lot of fun playing with the self-timer on the camera.  I won’t be jumping in front of the camera every day from now on, but I will definitely make the effort to be in a lot more photos.

What about you?  Do you make the effort to #existinphotos for your children?
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