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The ultimate list of photo ideas to get yourself in more pictures

Once a year I spend a month making a point of getting in a photo every single day.

I’ve been doing it since 2015 and it is always a challenge to come up with ideas for photos so I don’t just end up with 30 identical portraits or selfies.  See, I don’t just want a photo of me for the sake of collecting photos of myself, I want to record my life as it is at that point.  I want something more from the photos than just pictures of my face.

I actually went looking on google recently to try and find some inspiration for self portraits and ideas for photos I could take of myself and couldn’t find what I was looking for.  So I’ve come up with my own list of ideas.

If you’d like to try and get in more photos both with and for your children, here is my ultimate list of ideas for photos you can take of yourself, or that you can get someone else to take of you.

The ultimate list of photo ideas to get yourself in more pictures


The classic portraits

  • A full body posed photo.  Either taken by someone else or by you with a remote/timer
  • A posed headshot or head and shoulders portrait
  • A posed, everyone-look-at-the-camera family photo
  • A more relaxed family photo where you’re looking at each other and interacting rather than smiling at the camera

Classic portrait ideas to get in more photos


Photos of you on your own

  • Reading a book by yourself, in your favourite spot in the house
  • Getting ready for the day in front of the mirror.  Drying/brushing your hair.  Putting on your make up.  Whatever you normally do each day.
  • Holding your favourite mug
  • Close up self timer/remote photos of your face/hands/hair
  • Close up detail shots of jewellery that you love to wear
  • Your shoes/boots while out on a walk, taken by you simply looking down
  • A phone selfie
  • A mirror selfie
  • Close up of details on a favourite piece of clothing
  • Enjoying your favourite snack
  • Working on your laptop/making something
  • Making a meal
  • Overhead/over your shoulder photo of you preparing a meal/making packed lunches
  • You doing other household jobs like loading the washing machine
  • Your shadow
  • Your silhouette – by a window, outside, at sunset

Ideas to get in more photos


Photos of you with your family

  • Feeding your baby, whether it’s breastfeeding, bottle feeding or spoon feeding your baby who is weaning
  • Enjoying food with your children
  • Cuddling your children on the sofa
  • Reading a book with your children
  • Cuddling your children in bed
  • Watching TV/the iPad in bed with your children
  • Playing with your children while they’re in the bath
  • Drawing/colouring with your children
  • Playing a board game
  • Helping with homework
  • Helping your child brush their teeth, get dressed, get ready for the day
  • Baking together
  • Your view of you holding hands with your child
  • Shots taken from behind of you together

Ideas to get in more photos with your children


The thing to think about, if you want to be in more photos that really mean something to you, is going beyond the standard posing and smiling for the camera type photos.

Start thinking about the normal, everyday parts of your life that you might like to capture.  And don’t disregard the ‘boring’ things, the chores and routine things you do every day or every week.  One day those things will change too and having photos of them will be amazing for sparking memories of this stage in your life.

I have photos of me loading the washing machine with Nerys.

Not the most exciting thing, and definitely not the prettiest of photos, but I love them for the memories they bring back of her as a toddler so keen to help me with everything I did.

Use this list as a jumping off point, then take some time to think about the things in your life at the moment that you might miss one day.

Then get to work recording them in photos, for you and for your family.

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