Me and mine Feb 2019

Me and Mine – February 2019

The children are on their half term holiday this week and oh my word they have been so lucky with the warm, sunny weather.

We’ve done a tour of the local parks over the last few days, taking in Singleton, Brynmill, Cwmdonkin and Victoria park.  We went to Victoria park at the weekend after their swimming lesson and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take our family photos for this month on a day that we could get out without big heavy coats on!

Me and mine Feb 2019

Me and mine Feb 2019

Me and mine Feb 2019


As I was setting up the camera to take these photos Nerys came and asked if she could be the one in charge of the remote trigger again, she gets so excited when we let her do it.

Looking at the photos she did a really good job I think, you can’t tell that she’s got the little remote hidden in her hand, can you!

We’ve still got a few days left of the holidays to enjoy before we’re back to the school routine and most likely counting down the weeks until the Easter break.  The children do both enjoy school and are generally happy going in each morning, but we do all still look forward to the holidays when we can spend more time together and just relax a bit.

I do wonder what March will bring after this pretty strange spell of sunny weather we’ve had.

What are the odds that we’ll all be back in the big winter coats for next month’s me and mine photos?

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