Egg box Christmas tree craft

We are now officially finished with school for the year.  Which means I have to find things to do with the children to keep them entertained until school starts again in January.

I mentioned the other day that I’ve put together a Christmas week box for the children, which has got a little activity in for each day of the week.

But I still need to find other things to keep them busy.

And this Christmas craft has been perfect.

It’s really easy so you can do it with little ones, but is still fun for older children too.  My two are 5 and 2, and both had a lot of fun with it.

So, without further ado, I give you our egg box Christmas trees!


What you need:

Empty egg boxes.


Green paint.

Glitter glue, or star stickers, or whatever you have handy to decorate your tree.

Pipe cleaners.


What you do:

Cut the egg boxes up into individual ‘cups’.  Depending on what kind of egg box you have you’ll end up with slightly different shapes but any kind should work for this craft.

Once the pieces are all cut out, get out your green paint and go to town.  If you don’t have paint you could always colour them in with crayons, or felt tips.  Or cover them in bits of green tissue paper.  Whatever you’ve got that’s green will do.


Put the pieces aside and wait for the paint to dry.

Once it’s all dry you can decorate the pieces of your tree.  We used glitter glue on ours but, again, you can use whatever you’ve got at home.  Star stickers or sticky gems are good options.  Or you can just shake some normal glitter over them.


If you’ve used something like glitter glue then you’ll need to wait a bit for that to dry.

Then, pierce a hole in the top of each section.


Get a pipe cleaner and start threading the pieces on to it to build your tree.


And that’s it!  You can stand these up as fun decorations on your mantlepiece, or you can put a loop in the top of the pipe cleaner and hang them on your tree.


We all really enjoyed making these, and I think the end results look pretty good!

What I particularly liked about this was the skills that the children worked on while making them.  For Nerys it was a great chance to practice her fine motor skills, and I loved watching her concentrate so hard on threading the pieces on to the pipe cleaners.  And for Rhys, who has never been a fan of getting things like paint on his hands, it was a great chance for him to experience that and realise that it’s actually ok.

And for both of them it was a great craft for letting them get creative and I loved watching how they both approached the activity.

If you’re after more ideas for Christmas crafts then go and check out my fun button christmas tree card and snowman gift tag, and my cotton wool snowman ideas.  Or you can go and check out these suggestions from Wynsors, they’ve got quite a few suggestions on there to see you through the holidays!

We were sent the materials for this craft as part of Wynsors #craftswithwynsors Christmas celebration, however all ideas and words are my own.


Easy and fun snowman craft #BostikBloggers

Looking for a fun and simple wintry craft to do with your little ones?  Look no further!

I give you the cotton wool snowman.


I was lucky enough to have a snowman shaped piece of white foam which is perfect for this activity.  It makes things so, so simple if you can find some like this that are basically giant stickers.  You just peel off the backing and you’re left with a lovely sticky snowman, just waiting to be covered in cotton wool.

You don’t have to use something like this though.  You can just cut a snowman shape out of a piece of card and cover it in pva glue.  Still pretty simple.

Then you just need cotton wool and some buttons and ribbon for the details on the snowman.


So all you need to do is grab all your little bits of cotton wool and get sticking.

Nerys really enjoyed this part.  She took her time choosing which bits to stick down, and made sure that all the little gaps were filled in.


Once the snowman is completely covered in cotton wool you can add his buttons.

We used sticky dots to stick our buttons on.  They’re so simple to use, Nerys could do it all by herself.  Basically, just peeling off the backing, sticking the dot onto a button, then peeling away the other bit of backing.


Next, get a piece of ribbon and wrap it around the snowman’s neck, like a scarf.

Finally, add some more buttons for the snowman’s eyes.


And there you have it!

Nerys is so proud of her snowman, and she had so much fun making him.  She keeps asking to make more, so I think we might end up with a whole family of snow people by Christmas!


If you fancy making some more festive crafts then check out my post on making snowman gift tags and Christmas tree cards with brightly coloured buttons.

I was sent a box of craft materials to create this post, but all words, opinions and creations are my own.


Christmas crafts – button snowman gift tag and Christmas tree card #Bostikbloggers

With it being so close to the big day, this month’s theme for the #bostikbloggers craft project is Christmas.

I was sent a lovely box full of crafty bits and pieces to create something festive with.  After a little dig around I decided to make a gift tag and a Christmas card, decorated with coloured buttons.


They’re both really cute and fun, and surprisingly easy to make.  So here’s how you do it if you fancy making some of your own.

Button snowman gift tag.

You’ll need a blank gift tag (you can buy these, or simply make your own by cutting out a piece of card), 3 buttons (one big, one medium sized and one small), glue and a black marker pen.


Making the snowman is really easy.

Simply glue down the three buttons, with the biggest at the bottom of the gift tag, then the medium sized button above it and the small button at the top.  So basically you’re using the buttons to make a snowman shape on the card.


Next you just need to grab your black marker pen and draw on a little hat and some stick arms to finish off your snowman.


Pretty cute don’t you think!

Button Christmas tree card.

For this you’ll need a card blank (or a piece of card folded to in half), some glue and a selection of buttons.


Making this fun little card is also really simple.

Get your buttons and arrange them in a rough Christmas tree shape.  You might want to spend a few minutes playing around with them at this stage, to get the look you want.  I used 2 orange buttons for the trunk of my tree, then random coloured ones for the tree itself.

Once you’re happy with the layout just grab your glue and stick the buttons down.


I also added two square buttons to my card, that are meant to be presents underneath the tree!

So there you have it.  2 really simple, really fun crafts to make for Christmas.

Do you like to make your own cards and gift tags at Christmas?  Do you have any craft activities that you do every year, as part of your Christmas traditions?



I was sent a box of craft materials to create this post, but all words, opinions and creations are my own.


Bonfire night crafts – #BostikBloggers

I’ve recently been invited to join a lovely group of bloggers in creating crafts using items provided by Bostik.

And I am so excited about it!

This month’s theme is Bonfire Night, and I was sent a fab box of materials to get creative with.

I decided to try out 2 different crafty ideas – mitten light catchers and a bonfire collage.


First, I made these mitten light catchers.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of bonfire night I think of mittens!

I think of wrapping up warm in hats, scarves and mittens and trying to write words in the air with sparklers.

So I wanted to make a mitten-related craft of some sort.  And I decided to go for mitten light catchers.

Here’s what you need and how to go about making them.

I used thick black paper, tissue paper, thin patterned fabric, glue, and glitter glue.


Get an A4 sheet of thick paper or card and fold it in half.

Draw a mitten shape on the folded card.  You can either do this freehand, find a template online or draw around your hand to get a mitten shape.

Cut round the outline so you end up with 2 mitten shapes.

Draw a smaller mitten inside your existing mitten and then cut that out, so you’re left with a sort of mitten frame.


Stick the fabric and tissue paper to the back of the mittens.

Decorate the edges of the mittens with glitter glue and if you feel fancy you can also add pom poms, sequins, or whatever you have in your craft stash!

Once dry, hang or stick the mittens to a window to let them catch the light.


The second thing I made was a bonfire collage.

For this you’ll need black paper, glue, lolly sticks, tissue paper, various materials in red, orange and yellow, sequin stars and glitter glue.


First of all, pop some glue on the back of the lolly sticks and attach them to the paper to create the woodpile at the base of the bonfire.



Next, spread some glue on the paper where you want your flames to go and start layering up your tissue paper and other bits.  Red things first, then orange and then a small amount of yellow bits in the middle.



Finally, use the glitter glue to stick down some sequin stars and other sparkly sequins to make stars in the night sky.


So there you have it.

Two easy and fun crafts to make to celebrate bonfire night!

I was sent a box of craft materials to create this post, but all words, opinions and creations are my own.



4 easy and fun Halloween crafts

Both of my children love arts and crafts activities.

Painting, glueing, colouring, creating; they love it all.

So we were all really excited when a box of craft materials arrived from Viking, for us to have some fun creating some Halloween crafts.

When I opened the box I found some white, orange and black wool, black paper, funky craft scissors, googly eyes, lollies and pipe cleaners.

I wasn’t sure what to make at first, so just spread everything out on the table, grabbed a few other supplies and just let everyone come up with ideas!

4 easy and fun halloween crafts
This is what we ended up creating.


Fluffy ghosts

I love this super simple craft.

We cut ghost shapes out of cardboard, spread them with lots of glue and then covered them in bits of cotton wool.

Then we added some googly eyes to bring them to life.

So easy, and so much fun.

And if you’re feeling creative like Nerys you can add loads and loads of google eyes to make a crazy monster ghost!



Tissue paper pumpkins.

For this toddler-friendly craft I cut out a simple pumpkin shape from thick black paper, which we then covered in bits of orange tissue paper.

Then we cut some eyes and a mouth out of black paper using the funky scissors from Viking and stuck those down to complete the pumpkin,



Threaded wool spider webs.

This is a great craft for toddlers as it really helps with fine motor skills.  But it can also be really good fun for older children who can get creative with the pattern they make with the wool.

I cut a circle out of card and then cut a smaller circle from the middle of that.  You could use a paper plate instead if you have some at home.

Then I went round the circle with a hole-punch, making little holes to thread the wool through.  Then just start threading in a random, criss-cross pattern to get a spiderweb effect.

These would look great hung up around the house at halloween.

And you can even make little pipe-cleaner spiders to sit on them!



Spooky spiders.

While the children were busy with their ghosts and pumpkins, Steve and I had some spidery fun with the pipe cleaners.

I wrapped some round a lolly and added some googly eyes to make a tasty spidery treat.

While Steve got creative and made a spider with a cottonwool body and pipe cleaner legs.  And another made entirely out of pipe cleaners and googly eyes.

Hmmm, there’s a bit of a similarity between Steve’s multi-eyed spider and Nerys’ ghost!



Pumpkin tealight holders.

If you’re not up for the job of carving out a pumpkin, but still want something to add a little glow to your halloween decorations then these little tealight holders are a great option!

Grab an empty jam jar, clean it out and take the label off.

Then mix up some pva glue and water and use that to stick orange tissue paper all over the outside of the jar.

When that’s all dry you can either cut out some features from black paper and stick them on, or you can draw them on with a black marker pen.

Then pop a tea light in the jar and enjoy the spooky atmosphere!

You could also make ghost ones by using white tissue paper instead.


So there you have it, a handful of ideas for easy halloween crafts to make at home.  Will you be making anything to decorate your house with this year?


We were sent a box of craft materials from Viking for the purpose of creating this post, but all words and makes are my own.


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