Christmas crafts – button snowman gift tag and Christmas tree card #Bostikbloggers

With it being so close to the big day, this month’s theme for the #bostikbloggers craft project is Christmas.

I was sent a lovely box full of crafty bits and pieces to create something festive with.  After a little dig around I decided to make a gift tag and a Christmas card, decorated with coloured buttons.


They’re both really cute and fun, and surprisingly easy to make.  So here’s how you do it if you fancy making some of your own.

Button snowman gift tag.

You’ll need a blank gift tag (you can buy these, or simply make your own by cutting out a piece of card), 3 buttons (one big, one medium sized and one small), glue and a black marker pen.


Making the snowman is really easy.

Simply glue down the three buttons, with the biggest at the bottom of the gift tag, then the medium sized button above it and the small button at the top.  So basically you’re using the buttons to make a snowman shape on the card.


Next you just need to grab your black marker pen and draw on a little hat and some stick arms to finish off your snowman.


Pretty cute don’t you think!

Button Christmas tree card.

For this you’ll need a card blank (or a piece of card folded to in half), some glue and a selection of buttons.


Making this fun little card is also really simple.

Get your buttons and arrange them in a rough Christmas tree shape.  You might want to spend a few minutes playing around with them at this stage, to get the look you want.  I used 2 orange buttons for the trunk of my tree, then random coloured ones for the tree itself.

Once you’re happy with the layout just grab your glue and stick the buttons down.


I also added two square buttons to my card, that are meant to be presents underneath the tree!

So there you have it.  2 really simple, really fun crafts to make for Christmas.

Do you like to make your own cards and gift tags at Christmas?  Do you have any craft activities that you do every year, as part of your Christmas traditions?



I was sent a box of craft materials to create this post, but all words, opinions and creations are my own.

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