Easy and fun snowman craft #BostikBloggers

Looking for a fun and simple wintry craft to do with your little ones?  Look no further!

I give you the cotton wool snowman.


I was lucky enough to have a snowman shaped piece of white foam which is perfect for this activity.  It makes things so, so simple if you can find some like this that are basically giant stickers.  You just peel off the backing and you’re left with a lovely sticky snowman, just waiting to be covered in cotton wool.

You don’t have to use something like this though.  You can just cut a snowman shape out of a piece of card and cover it in pva glue.  Still pretty simple.

Then you just need cotton wool and some buttons and ribbon for the details on the snowman.


So all you need to do is grab all your little bits of cotton wool and get sticking.

Nerys really enjoyed this part.  She took her time choosing which bits to stick down, and made sure that all the little gaps were filled in.


Once the snowman is completely covered in cotton wool you can add his buttons.

We used sticky dots to stick our buttons on.  They’re so simple to use, Nerys could do it all by herself.  Basically, just peeling off the backing, sticking the dot onto a button, then peeling away the other bit of backing.


Next, get a piece of ribbon and wrap it around the snowman’s neck, like a scarf.

Finally, add some more buttons for the snowman’s eyes.


And there you have it!

Nerys is so proud of her snowman, and she had so much fun making him.  She keeps asking to make more, so I think we might end up with a whole family of snow people by Christmas!


If you fancy making some more festive crafts then check out my post on making snowman gift tags and Christmas tree cards with brightly coloured buttons.

I was sent a box of craft materials to create this post, but all words, opinions and creations are my own.

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