Christmas week boxes – keeping the children entertained in the run up to Christmas

If you’ve got children chances are you’ll have come across the idea of a Christmas eve box.  

It’s quite likely you’re putting one together for yourself, or browsing the various websites that now sell them to find a special one to buy.

On the off chance you’ve not heard about them, here’s the gist.  You put together a box or basket or bag of special bits and pieces for your child to open on Christmas eve.  Something to start the magic a little bit early.  Most people put new pyjamas, a Christmas film and some treats in there.

We’ve not done them before, mainly because I’ve not been organised enough to sort one out.

But this year things have conspired to make my life a bit easier.  We were sent some lovely new slippers for the children from Wynsors, along with some chocolatey treats and we were also given three fab new books from Penguin and Britmums.

Being sent these bits so close to Christmas, I really wanted to put them away for the children, as little extra presents for them.  Then I considered putting together a book advent box for them, but realised I would end up spending a fortune on new books if I did that!  And I’m not sure there’s room on our bookshelf for 24 new books.

So then I thought I would put all the bits in a Christmas eve box for them instead.  But then I realised that we had a whole week off school before Christmas day.

A whole week of excited children asking if it was Christmas yet.  A whole week of needing to come up with fun things to do to keep us all occupied.

So, I decided to put together a Christmas week box.

I bought a few more books to add to the ones we were sent so that we have a new book to read every night next week at bedtime.  I popped into the pound shop in town and was really happy to find these three ‘read it yourself’ books.  I really love these books, as they’re stories that I can read to them but that Rhys can also have a go at reading himself.  And I’m so pleased that they had characters that my children love – Topsy and Tim, Harry (and his dinosaurs) and Charlie and Lola.

Charity shops are also a great place to go looking for books for your children, you can often find lots in there for bargain prices.


Next I bought some new pyjamas to go with the slippers we were sent.  Primark ones mind, so not particulary extravagent!  They’re really lovely and soft though, and I love the old-fashioned style of the checked ones I bought for Rhys.


I then went to the other pound shop and The Works and picked up a few bits and pieces.

Some sticker books.  We’ve had some ‘that’s not my’ sticker books before and they’re lovely, really nice quality.


Some activity books.  These were actually all in a pack together for about £2 I think, but I opened the pack up to spread the books across a couple of days.


A couple of craft activities for us all to do together.  I think we’ll have a lot of fun with these, and they were such a good price.  I like the fact that they’re simple enough for Nerys to get involved with, but look like they’ll take a little while to complete, so will be great for a quiet few afternoons at home!


I also bought some fun bits to make cakes with their cousins when they come to visit one day next week.  I’m looking forward to seeing how creative they can get with the fun cake toppers and the sprinkles and stars!


So basically there’s a new bedtime book for them to unwrap every evening, and something different for them to open up every day that will hopefully keep them entertained for a little bit!

Now I know some people might think all this is a bit OTT.  There does seem to be a bit of a debate about whether Christmas eve boxes are a good idea, or if they just encourage our children to be more materialistic.

Honestly, I hesitated a bit before putting this post together as I’m really not sure what people will make of it.  Especially as I have wrapped up all the items in our box.  But, for me, having the things wrapped up just adds a bit more fun to the whole thing.

And the thing is, this really didn’t cost me that much to put together.  I used a hamper we already had in the house, and bought everything apart from the pyjamas from the pound shop and The works.  And I would have spent the money on them anyway, on bits and pieces here and there throughout the week leading up to Christmas.  This just feels like a fun way to enjoy the Christmas holidays with my children.

What do you think?  Do you put together Christmas Eve boxes for your children, or are you not a fan of the idea?



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