Bonfire night crafts – #BostikBloggers

I’ve recently been invited to join a lovely group of bloggers in creating crafts using items provided by Bostik.

And I am so excited about it!

This month’s theme is Bonfire Night, and I was sent a fab box of materials to get creative with.

I decided to try out 2 different crafty ideas – mitten light catchers and a bonfire collage.


First, I made these mitten light catchers.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of bonfire night I think of mittens!

I think of wrapping up warm in hats, scarves and mittens and trying to write words in the air with sparklers.

So I wanted to make a mitten-related craft of some sort.  And I decided to go for mitten light catchers.

Here’s what you need and how to go about making them.

I used thick black paper, tissue paper, thin patterned fabric, glue, and glitter glue.


Get an A4 sheet of thick paper or card and fold it in half.

Draw a mitten shape on the folded card.  You can either do this freehand, find a template online or draw around your hand to get a mitten shape.

Cut round the outline so you end up with 2 mitten shapes.

Draw a smaller mitten inside your existing mitten and then cut that out, so you’re left with a sort of mitten frame.


Stick the fabric and tissue paper to the back of the mittens.

Decorate the edges of the mittens with glitter glue and if you feel fancy you can also add pom poms, sequins, or whatever you have in your craft stash!

Once dry, hang or stick the mittens to a window to let them catch the light.


The second thing I made was a bonfire collage.

For this you’ll need black paper, glue, lolly sticks, tissue paper, various materials in red, orange and yellow, sequin stars and glitter glue.


First of all, pop some glue on the back of the lolly sticks and attach them to the paper to create the woodpile at the base of the bonfire.



Next, spread some glue on the paper where you want your flames to go and start layering up your tissue paper and other bits.  Red things first, then orange and then a small amount of yellow bits in the middle.



Finally, use the glitter glue to stick down some sequin stars and other sparkly sequins to make stars in the night sky.


So there you have it.

Two easy and fun crafts to make to celebrate bonfire night!

I was sent a box of craft materials to create this post, but all words, opinions and creations are my own.



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