Siblings Feb 2019

Siblings project – February 2019

I don’t know about you but we seem to have had cough after cold after virus in this house since the start of the year.

So our weekends have been pretty quiet.  Apart from the odd birthday party we’ve mainly been hanging out at home on Saturdays.  Then Sundays have been swimming lessons followed by a little walk out somewhere.

Last Sunday it was really wild and windy out so we opted for a walk in Clyne woods where it was a bit sheltered and a little warmer than it would’ve been in the park or at the beach.  I took the camera along knowing I wanted to take the opportunity to get some photos for this post and this week’s Living Arrows.

Siblings project Feb 2019


The photos above were a joint effort between me and Steve, trying to get at least a couple of photos where the children were giving these genuine smiles rather than the bored, fake smiles they’re pretty good at doing if they’re not in the mood.

I know I’m lucky though.  I take a lot of photos of Rhys and Nerys and they do humour me for the most part!

We’ve got next week still to go and then it’s half-term and we’re all just about ready for it.  There are a few jobs we need to get done that week, like get Rhys a good haircut, and it’s Nerys’ birthday in the middle which she is incredibly excited about.

It always feels like we’re out of sync with everyone else though, I’m sure lots of schools are on half-term next week.  It always makes me doubt myself and have to double check that I’ve got the dates right on our calendar!

If you’re children are at school have you got much planned for half-term, of do you like to keep it quite free and laid-back?

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