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Living Arrows 2019 – 6/52

We’ve reached a new stage that, if I’m honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to.

Nerys has started getting homework from school.

Luckily for us she is very keen to do it, so at least we don’t have any battles on that front at the moment.  On Friday she came home with a sheet of letters to practice writing, with lead in and lead outs.  And to be fair to her she had finished it before her tea was even ready that evening.

She also has books to read online and, while it’s still early days, she’s already getting more confident working her way through them and sounding out the words.

I’ll be so happy for her once she can read fluently, it’s something she’s been so keen to do for a while now.  She would love to be able to read to herself in bed the same way Rhys does.

Living arrows


Rhys is pretty good at getting on with his homework too, although he’s not quite as keen as Nerys is.  I think the novelty of it all has worn off a bit now he’s in year 3!

He has spellings to learn every week and a page of mental arithmetic questions to work through.

We normally try to get the maths done and dusted on a Saturday afternoon or a Sunday morning so we’re not stressing about doing it after school before it has to be handed in.  And it means on a Sunday afternoon we can generally have a relaxed time with a walk somewhere after swimming lessons.

That’s when I took this photo of Nerys, on a little walk in Clyne woods yesterday afternoon.

We didn’t venture too far in because it was pretty muddy and we weren’t really dressed for it.  So most of our time there was spent throwing stones into the stream not far from the gate and playing pooh sticks.  It was just what we needed – a bit of time in nature, and a bit of fresh air, before heading back home to the warm for a bit of playing on the computer and the ipad.


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