Living arrows photo

Living arrows 3/52

Nerys is at an age where she wants to do everything her big brother does.

Seriously, everything.

The other day he banged his elbow on something on the landing, so she went upstairs so she could bang her elbow too!

This is her playing with his Minions activity book, which she could get away with playing with while he was out at school.  I love how focused she is on what she’s doing, she seems so much older than she actually is at times!

Living arrows photo

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.”

Living Arrows

‘Nothing’ days are often the best days!

We had a real ‘nothing’ day the other day.  The weather was pretty miserable so we didn’t fancy going out anywhere, so instead we stayed home.  We watched Rio, we pottered about, we built houses out of mega blocks, we cwtched on the sofa.

It was a great day!

So often we’re made to feel that we have to ‘do’ something with our kids, to take them out somewhere special, to entertain them.  I think the best days are often actually these ‘nothing’ days.  These are the days where we actually spend good quality time together.


I took these photos as part of a playbreak challenge that the Beloved community is hosting.  You can see all 24 photos over on my photography business page, but these are some of my favourites!  I love capturing these everyday moments.  This is my family just being themselves.  No posing, no camera smiles.  Just them, their natural expressions, busy doing their thing.


Maybe I’m odd, I don’t know, but I quite like it when it’s rainy out and we can just stay cwtched up inside!

How about you?  Do you enjoy these ‘nothing’ days or do you prefer to be on the go?


The alphabet project – Z is for zzz

I’m a little bit sad.  Because I joined in with this project so late we’re now at the end and I feel like I’ve only just started!  I’ll have to think of a project to carry me over until this one starts again!  For now though, I give you my rather unimaginative interpretation of the letter Z.

Z is for zzzzzzzzz!


I actually do love this photo though, taken today as Nerys napped in her cot.  Rhys never really had much of an attachment to any cuddly toys as a baby (although he’s making up for that now with half his bed taken up by characters from Doc McStuffins and Angry Birds!).

Nerys though, loves to go to sleep with her little collection of toys – Peter Rabbit, Dolly, Teddy and Snuggles.  She gathers them all up and pulls them underneath her as she’s falling asleep at bedtime, it’s so sweet to watch.

I think I’ll treasure photos like this as they both grow older!


The alphabet project – Y is for Yummy!

We’ve been doing a fair bit of baking around here recently.  After watching a certain episode of Something Special, Rhys has been asking to make carrot cakes, which did make me smile considering he’s never tasted them before.

We made a batch last week using a recipe I found online that tasted good but just didn’t really rise.  So we tried a new recipe yesterday and they came out so much better!  I’m going to have a play around with the recipe I think, adding some raisins and maybe some apple, and will try and post the final recipe next week.

But for now, I present you with one of our lovely, well-risen carrot cakes – Yummy!


Do you have a favourite recipe to bake with your children?  I’d love to know what you like to make together!

The alphabet project – X is for kisses!

Ok, I admit it, I’ve struggled to come up with something for this week’s letter!  So I’ve used a bit of poetic license with it!  I always put kisses at the end of text messages and when I sign my name on cards or letters, so ‘x’ does represent kisses to me.


This photo of my two kids was taken a few months ago and I just love it.  I’d asked Rhys to give his sister a kiss and she heard me say it so is just about to blow a kiss as he’s kissing her head.  Love it!

My Sunday photo – Happy Father’s day

My Sunday photo this week isn’t actually from this week, but it’s in celebration of Father’s day today.

It’s a photo of my Dad that was taken at my wedding back in 2007.  I haven’t written much about our wedding, (I think that post will come in November for our anniversary!) but it was a really quiet, low-key affair, which was perfect for us!

After the ceremony we went down to the beach for a few photos and at that point my Dad produced a cool box with champagne and sandwiches.  Which was just so perfectly HIM.  I wrote recently about how, every now and then, I realise that there are real similarities between me and him and this is something I’ve definitely inherited from him, the thinking about food and making sure there’s food available!

So my Sunday photo is simply this; Daddy with a sandwich, in the gorgeous light of a Swansea sunset.


Happy Father’s day Daddy.  And to all the other Daddies out there!