7 little things to do to break the monotony of lockdown

7 little ways to break the monotony of lockdown

Life during lockdown starts to feel like groundhog day after a while doesn’t it?

Each day starts to feel the same when you’re so restricted in what you can do, where you can go, and who you can see.  Part of the problem is that once you get into that lockdown rut of doing the same thing day in, day out, it can be really hard to find the motivation to do things differently.

And for busy families juggling home life, work, and school it can feel almost impossible to find the time to do anything differently.  You don’t have to do anything too crazy though.  Just making a few small changes to your routine can be enough to mix things up.

Here are 7 little things you can try to shake up the monotony of life in lockdown and hopefully make things feel a bit less groundhog-day-like.


1. Mix up your meal plan

I don’t know about you, but I find it all too easy to end up eating the same meals week after week.  Especially if I do the food shopping online and just add items from my favourites list each time.

So mixing things up and trying some new recipes can be a great way to start getting away from that feeling that every day and week is the same during lockdown.

There are loads of ways to do this too, you could:

  • browse recipes online or flick through old recipe books for inspiration
  • hand control over to your children and get them to choose something new they want to try
  • try a recipe delivery service like Hello Fresh or Gusto
  • see which local restaurants are offering delivery or make-it-yourself boxes
  • keep it as simple as having breakfast for dinner now and then


2. Find new routes to walk as a family.

I know.  We’re all fed up of the highlight of our day being ‘going for a walk’, but when it’s pretty much the only thing you can do outside the house then I think we need to keep embracing it!

It is another thing that we can fall into a rut with though, walking to the same places via the same route every time we go out.

So make an effort to try and find new places locally that you can walk to.  Let the children get curious and turn down different roads and see where you end up.

You can also mix up your walks with the children by turning them into scavenger hunts, going nature spotting, or trying a photo walk.


3. Find a new spot at home

We’re all creatures of habit really, and when we’re at home all the time we naturally find ourselves drawn to our normal ‘spots’ during the day.

After a while though, sitting in your same old seat, looking at the same four walls around you can really start to get old.  So try looking for a new ‘spot’ to sit in.  Even just sitting on the other end of the sofa with your coffee can give you a slightly different perspective on the room!

If you’re working from home then try moving your desk to a new part of the house, or set yourself up to work from bed for the afternoon.

You could also change things up at home by:

  • rearranging the furniture in a room to give it a whole new look
  • repainting a wall or hanging up some new wall art or family photos
  • getting new bedding and soft furnishings in a colour you wouldn’t usually pick


4. Learn a new skill

Life during lockdown might be monotonous, but for loads of people it’s also still incredibly busy.  And you might think you don’t have any time to learn a new skill during all this, but don’t dismiss this idea out of hand.

Learning a new skill is a great way to break out of going through your day on auto-pilot, and doesn’t have to take much time.  There are all sorts of things you can learn, either by yourself or with your children, in about 10 minutes a day, like:

  • a new language – I’ve been learning Welsh on Duolingo since the first lockdown and it’s brilliant!
  • first aid – you could look for a course to follow at home or watch videos from someone like St John’s ambulance on YouTube
  • how to draw – there are so many drawing tutorials to follow on YouTube that break it down and make it fun
  • playing a musical instrument


5. Change up your coffee break

Along the same lines of mixing up your meal plan, trying something new with your coffee break can give you something little to look forward to and get you out of the rut of having the same thing, at the same time, day in day out.

You could try a new flavoured coffee, or if you’re a tea-drinker then try something different like biscuit tea for a sweeter drink.

And if you always have the same treats alongside your cuppa, then try mixing that up too.  Bake up some chocolate banana bread, make some oaty biscoff biscuits or try your hand at slow-cooker fudge.


6. Try a new type of exercise

Taking time through the week to move your body is so important for mental health, as well as keeping fit and healthy physically.  But, again, this is an area where it’s so easy to get stuck in a rut during lockdown when it feels like your options are really limited.

When you start looking though, there are so many different types of exercise you can try in the comfort of your own home.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • try HIIT workout videos on YouTube.
  • download the C25K (couch to 5k) app and give running a try.
  • follow some yoga sessions on YouTube.  Yoga with Adriene is really popular at the moment, and she has workouts for whatever mood you’re in.
  • get dancing – either stick your favourite music on and make up your own moves, or follow a tutorial online.


7. Give a new genre a go

Whether you relax by reading a book or watching TV you probably have a genre that you normally go for, so try picking out something new to change things up a bit.

If you normally watch horror shows then give a light-hearted comedy a try, and if you would automatically pick out a reality tv show, then try a real-life documentary instead.  The same goes for books, if you tend to read the classics then give a new voice a go.

If you’re not sure where to start with finding some new and different then ask your friends and family to recommend something that they think you wouldn’t normally pick out.


You don’t have to do all of these things, but just trying to do one or two things differently each week can really make a difference to that feeling that every day is the same during lockdown.

Do you have any other ideas for things to try to break up the monotony?  Please do leave me a comment and inspire me!


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