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My wish for my son on his sixth birthday

My little boy is six.  

And I’ve been doing what we all tend to do on occasions like this.  I’ve been reminiscing.  Thinking back to the very first moment when I thought I might be pregnant – my sense of smell went into overdrive when we were away at a wedding, and as it turned out I was actually about 5 days pregnant.

I’ve been remembering what it was like feeling Rhys wriggle and kick and stretch in my tummy.  He was really active even then, squirming all over the place!

I’ve been thinking about the early days of parenthood.  The first night home when I didn’t get a single minute of sleep.  The evenings that came after that, when we would rock Rhys in his room and listen to Calon Lân on his little red cd player.

I think that song will always be his song to me.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve sung it, well, hummed most of it because even now I’m not sure of all the lyrics, I’m not a Welsh speaker!

This bit of the song I do know though.


“Gofyn wyf am galon hapus, calon onest, calon lân.”

Translated to English, it says “I ask for a happy heart, an honest heart, a pure heart.”

That’s what I wish for my son.

As he steps further out into the world, I truly wish for him to keep his happy, honest, pure heart.

To not let the hard things in life harden him.

To always approach life with an open, honest heart.

To always, always choose love.  

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