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How do you keep your children entertained?

Parents, here’s a question for you – how do you keep your children entertained?

Are you generally a screen-free household, or do you let your children have as much screen time as they want?  Or do you tend to fall somewhere in the middle?

We aim for a sense of balance in our house.  So we go out and about places, to let Rhys and Nerys burn off some energy and get some fresh air.  We love going to the beach for a walk and a dig in the sand.  Other times we head to Clyne woods to see what treasures we can find (normally sticks and stones!).

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Some days though we don’t venture away from home.  We’ll quite often bake cakes together, or get out the paper, scissors and glue and get creative.  We’ve got a cupboard in the lounge that is full of books and puzzles and games and both children love going in there to see what they fancy doing that day.  One of the latest things we’ve added is aquabeads which they love, although it doesn’t always last long as it’s a bit fiddly and they get frustrated!

And play dough is still a winner for both of them, along with Rhys’ play clay which we all think is great because you can cook the things you make to harden them up so you can play with them forever.

When it’s dry out but we don’t fancy really going anywhere we’ll let Rhys and Nerys out in the garden for a play.  Nerys has been a huge help this Spring with the gardening, and Rhys is showing an interest in it too now as they’ve been discussing how plants grow at school.

We sometimes get the giant chalk out for some drawing fun on the paving slabs, and Rhys got a fab set of water pistols with his Easter money from Mamie and Grandad which we’ve all had a load of fun with!

Pretty much every day, at various times, the children will sit and watch tv, or play on the computer or the ipad.  I’m honestly quite happy with this.  No ‘guilty mummy/bad mummy’ feelings about that here.

I think they learn a lot from the things they do and watch during this screen time.  Rhys has developed really good computer skills from playing minecraft, and his reading has really come on as well thanks to the games he plays.

I would also feel like a real hypocrite if I really limited their screen time, because I’m so often behind a screen myself.  I work on the computer during the day and like to have the tv on, even if it’s just for background noise.

It is all about balance though I think.

My children do so many different things, I’m happy for the tv and the ipad to be part of that mix.

So, it’s a bit of a mixed bag in our family.  We tend to choose activities based on a few different factors like what the weather is doing and how everyone is feeling.

Rattan direct have put together a quick survey to find out a bit more about how parents these days entertain their children.  Click on over and take a few minutes to tell them about how you spend your time as a family, how you keep your little ones entertained and which rooms in your house you tend to spend most time in with your children.  We tend to do most of our living in the living room, all together.  I think I’ll miss that when Rhys and Nerys get older and start to spend more time hanging out in their rooms!

Do you have a room in the house that your children tend to spend most of their time in?  Do you have a family lounge like us, or is your living room a peaceful toy-free zone?!


Disclosure – this is a collaborative post.

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