Living arrows 2017 – 17/52

I blinked.  I turned around for just a second.  And this little boy of mine is suddenly 6 years old!

We spent a lovely morning in Clyne woods over the Easter holidays, and I took the chance to get a few photos of him.  To try and get a bit of a record of the child that he is right now.

living arrows

living arrows

living arrows

living arrows

Rhys at 6 is quite hard to describe, because he’s so many things.

He is extremely sensitive, and can get really emotional about things.  Yet he is also so full of energy, so excitable, so enthusiastic about things.  He will talk for hours about the things he’s interested in.  At the moment his chat is mainly about Minecraft and Pokemon.  Although now and then he’ll tell you an interesting fact about the Romans, or the planets.

See, he is getting pretty good at reading now, and seems to be like his dad in that he is more interested in reading non-fiction books than fiction.  So we’re slowly building up his collection of reference books, so he can learn and read about the things he’s really interested in.

He is growing into a really lovely big brother.  He has a lot of patience with his sister, and honestly puts up with a lot from her!

He is quite serious at times, and really takes things to heart.  I think he’s still trying to find his place amongst his friends at school, and is very sensitive to feeling left out or made fun of.  He so badly wants to be part of things, and to be included, but then you can see it all gets a bit too much for him and he needs to retreat for a while.  He’s always seemed to need a bit of time now and then to just be by himself, or more recently, to just be in the safety of home.

He seems to be realising more about the world around him, and life in general, and I think a lot of it scares him.  He worries a lot.  And I’m not sure how to help at times.  So for now, we’re just trying to reassure him that we’re here and that he’s safe.  He said today that when he’s 18 he doesn’t want to go and live in his own house, he wants to stay with us.  I would imagine he’ll feel differently by the time he actually turns 18, but for now we’ve told him that is absolutely fine, he doesn’t have to go anywhere!

On the flip side of this though, is the wild, fun-loving part of his nature.  He really gets the giggles at times, and it’s brilliant to see and hear.  He loves going to swimming lessons every week, and really enjoys going out with hunting pokemon in the park with his daddy.

This just feels like a bit of a transistional time for him.  He’s working on figuring out a lot of different things.  I suppose all we can do is be here, and try our best to help him navigate his way through it all.

I wrote a while ago about how I don’t feel like I have a lot of the answers.

But there is one thing I do know without a shadow of a doubt.

I love my son.

This summer, when we go out and watch for the shooting stars around the time of my birthday, I’ll remember the one I saw 7 years ago.  The one I wished on.  And I will most likely cry a little bit when I think about the fact that I was lucky enough to get my wish, to get my son.


Living Arrows


  1. Vicki @ tippytupps 24/04/2017 / 5:11 pm

    What a beautiful set of pictures. It’s so hard for them as they try and find their way in the world isn’t it. I can see the start of this already and she’s only 2!! #livingarrows

  2. Donna 25/04/2017 / 9:40 pm

    Six sounds so grown up and he sounds like such a truly wonderful little boy x

  3. Pat - White Camellias 29/04/2017 / 5:23 pm

    Such beautiful words and photos. I adore how different all those photos are and how much personality they show. Happy birthday Rhys x #livingarrows

  4. Sarah 30/04/2017 / 10:33 pm

    He sounds like a fantastic little boy, and sounds very similar to my Toby in a lot of ways even though he isn’t yet four. Seeing them grow up is always bitter sweet but I’m very much looking forward to seeing the boys my two are going to be. #LivingArrows

  5. Mudpie Fridays 30/04/2017 / 11:00 pm

    Happy Birthday! It goes so quickly but lovely you can record all these memories and achievements here. Monkey could do with learning to be more understanding of his brother! #LivingArrows

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