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The siblings project – June 2020

I remember two weeks before the schools were closed, not really believing it would happen.

I remember when they did actually close, thinking it would only be for a few weeks.

And now here we are.

Three months later and still at home.

Things are starting to shift though.  The plan, at the moment at least, is for the schools in Wales to open again in a few weeks, so all the children will have a chance to check in and catch up with their teachers before the summer.  We’ve not talked about it much with the children yet, because I’m still waiting to hear how exactly the school are planning on making it work.

For now we’re just carrying on with what we’ve been doing at home.  Trying to find some kind of balance between getting work and school work done and having fun as a family during this extra time together.

Most of the last month was full of sunshine and blue skies so we were able to get out quite a bit as a family.

With the freedom of not being restricted by school hours and office hours we could go to the beach at high tide, so the children could have their first proper swim in the sea of the year.


We were also able to pop out for walks to new places as well as old familiar places.

It has been so nice to have the freedom to shuffle our days around, to get work done in the mornings and then head out for some fresh air in the afternoons.  Which is quite funny to say really, because normally by the end of the usual 6 week school summer holidays I’m so ready to get back to the routine of the school week!


The children still seem to be coping really well with everything, and are quite happy in this new, sort-of routine that we’ve cobbled together at home.

I think they’re enjoying the slower pace of not having to be up and out the front door for school.  I know they’re enjoying being able to stay up a bit later in the evenings!

They were both still awake at nearly 10 last night, reading in their beds.

Nerys has had a real boost in confidence with her reading over the last few weeks and is so excited to be able to sit in bed and read by herself like her brother has been able to do for years.  A whole new world is opening up to her now and I’m so happy for her.

Last night she read some of her ‘Fairy animals of Misty Woods’ book, then moved on to reading a book about space!

Do your children read in bed before they go to sleep?  What sort of books do they tend to choose?

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