Helping Loved Ones in Difficult Times

Helping loved ones through difficult times

We’ve all been through hard times of some sort. During these times, we tend to reach out to a support system of family and friends to help us, to lift our spirits and to provide us with support while we get back on our feet. So, it’s important that you return this favour if times ever call for it.

Here are a few situations you may need to help your loved ones through at some point or another.


Break ups

The vast majority of us will go through multiple breakups in our lives. But this doesn’t necessarily make any one easier than the last. If your friend is upset or down because of a break up, you need to be there for them. Listen to them. Let them vent. Offer advice if they want advice.

Most importantly, show your support. It could also prove beneficial to provide distraction of some sort once they’ve let their initial upset pass. This will help them to focus on something positive, rather than allowing their mind to lapse back to their break up constantly. Days out will offer relief and fun times.


Loss and grief

Loss and resultant grief can be some of the most difficult situations that people face during their entire lives. This is relevant whether the loss was expected or not. It’s also relevant regardless of others’ perceived degree of loss. Some people will mourn the loss of pets, for example, equally to the loss of certain people.

This is going to be a very difficult time in your friend or family member’s life. So, be patient. Be understanding. Do your utmost to help but also make sure you don’t smother them.

You can take an emotional approach, offering a shoulder to cry on, or you can offer a more practical approach, taking the weight off their shoulders by helping with funeral arrangements like Funeral stationery printing.


Unemployment or redundancy

Unemployment and redundancy are two situations that people may experience at some point or another in their lives and there can be multiple reasons behind the processes.

Maybe your friend has been fired. Maybe they decided to switch careers but are struggling to find the right role. Maybe their company has made them redundant. Chances are, regardless of the cause of their unemployment, they’re going to be feeling a little down about the situation. Not only could there be financial concerns tied into the scenario, but they may have genuinely enjoyed their job and may be disheartened by their removal from the role.

Unemployment can also pose unique difficulties in that without a job, some people find themselves struggling to maintain routine, can suffer from boredom and can experience various other issues that impact their happiness and wellbeing. Be sympathetic to your loved one during this time and, as soon as they’re ready to start looking for a new role, help them.

Keep an eye out for job ads that could be relevant and pass them on. Help them to practice their interview skills. Simple steps can make a big difference!


These are just a few situations you may find your loved ones going through. Hopefully, the above advice will help in some way!


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