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Living Arrows 2020 – 24/52

I’m not sure why but I was a day out all week last week.

I was a day ahead of myself for some reason, which meant by the time we got to Friday it felt like it had been a really long week.

The children had a pretty good week though, and were brilliant about getting their school work done.  Their teachers send over the work for the week on a Sunday evening or on the Monday morning, and we’re then free to make our own plans for the week as far as what we do on what day.

Over the last few weeks we’ve found a system that sort of works for us where I sit with the children and look at their work for the week with them and let them decide what they want to tackle when.  Nerys has caught on to the fact that if she gets her work done over 4 days she can basically have Friday off, so that’s how she’s been planning her weeks lately.


One thing we are trying to do each day on top of the work set by school is practicing Welsh.

I realised that Nerys in particular was really losing confidence in her Welsh, mainly because Steve and I don’t speak it so we don’t ever use it at home.

So I signed us up for Duolingo and we’ve been doing a 20 minute session together each day.

She seems to be enjoying it, I’m happy to finally be learning a bit of the language after saying I need to do it for years, and I can see her confidence with it all coming back which is amazing.

I’m hoping that I can pick up enough that we can start using the language a bit more in day to day life at home, to keep both Nerys and Rhys ticking over with it.


Do you speak any different languages with your children?

Do they learn anything at school that you’ve had to give yourself refresher lessons in to be able to help them while they do their work at home?!


Living Arrows
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