Siblings may 2019

Siblings project – May 2019

After last month’s photos for the siblings project being a bit of a last minute thing, I managed to be a bit more organised this month.

We went for a walk in Mumbles last weekend and I took the opportunity to basically cover all my photographic bases.  So I got photos for this week’s living arrows post, some family photos ready for the me and mine project at the end of the month, and these photos of Rhys and Nerys together for the siblings project.

They were having a brilliant time picking stones from the beach and seeing how far they could throw them into the water.

Siblings May 2019


This kept them occupied for quite a while, before we headed up to the clifftop to really enjoy the view and take a few more photos.

You know, I still find it funny sometimes when I look at my two little blond children.  I always imagined my children would have dark hair like me, so it does make me smile seeing these two so fair.


Did you have an image in your head of what your children might look like?

If you did, were you right or do your children look pretty different from the way you imagined?

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