Living Arrows

Living Arrows 2019 – 19/52

What a difference a week makes!

Last week I wrote about how cold and grey the weekend had been, and now I’m writing this at the end of a day filled with glorious blue skies and warm sunshine.

The children had their swimming lesson as usual yesterday, then we were planning on heading to Victoria park for a bit of a play.  But on the way there Steve decided to mix things up a bit and suggested we head to Mumbles for a walk instead.

So we drove down and parked by the pier then walked all the way along the front to the shops to pick up a few bits that we needed.

Nerys kept asking all the way along if she could go down onto the beach, so when we got back to the pier we walked down to the small beach there for her and Rhys to have a little play in the sand and the sea.

Living Arrows

Living Arrows


They had a brilliant time picking up stones and seeing how far they could throw them into the water, and how big a splash they could make.  Rhys even managed to get one of his stones to skip along the water, which I was pretty impressed with!


We spent a couple of hours out and about in the sunshine and all came home with that edge of tiredness that you only really get from being out in the fresh air.

Which meant that there was a little bit of whinging and winding each other up by the time we got to bath time.  I think that’s quite standard though isn’t it, for everyone to get a bit tetchy when they’re tired!


I’ll take it though.

I’ll take the moments of whinging in exchange for days like this spent by the water, all together.


Living Arrows
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