Entertain toddler while feeding baby

How to entertain your toddler while you feed your baby

If you have a toddler or young child and a small baby then you’ll know the challenge of trying to keep them both happy.

One of the biggest struggles is trying to entertain your toddler when you need to feed the baby multiple times a day.

If this is something you’re trying to deal with, or are worried about being an issue once your baby arrives, then this idea will hopefully help you out.

How to entertain your toddler while you feed your baby


Make up a few special busy bags that you can bring out for your toddler when the baby needs feeding.


If you spend an afternoon putting a few together then you can bring them out on a sort of rotation system, so your child doesn’t get bored of them too quickly.

There are so many possibilities for what could go into these busy bags.

Here are some simple ideas to get you started:

  • Sticker books
  • Colouring book and crayons
  • A notebook and crayons
  • Small jigsaw puzzle
  • Lacing/threading games


If you have more time and are feeling more creative then there are almost endless options for busy bag games and activities that you can make.

My ‘make a monster‘ felt activity is simple to make and great fun for children who like creative activities.

Build a monster busy bag


You can also use these busy bags as a fun way to teach your toddler about colours, shapes, numbers and letters.  My robot colour and shape matching game is perfect for popping in a busy bag for a toddler or young child to play with during baby’s feeding time.

If you need some more inspiration then Chloe from Life Unexpected has some great busy bag ideas as well as useful tips on how to actually put the bags together.  There are also tons of ideas over on Pinterest that you can use.


When Rhys was little I made him a busy bag with an alphabet game where he had to match up upper case and lower case letters and that would keep him happy for ages.  The one I made used velcro but I’ve seen some variations using wooden pegs that look like a lot of fun too.

Alphabet busy bag


What you choose to put in these bags will depend really on what sort of activities your toddler is interested in.

The key thing to it is to only bring them out when you need to feed the baby.  So your toddler is excited by them and feels like they’re getting something new and fun to do.  This will hopefully let you focus on feeding the baby without your toddler demanding quite so much of your attention.


One side note though.  While you’re putting these busy bags together, try and make a few extra ones if you can to pop in your hand bag or change bag.  They’re brilliant for giving little ones something to do if you’re stuck in a doctor’s waiting room or anything like that.

We used ours when we took the ferry to the Isle of Man when Rhys was 2 and they were perfect for keeping him sitting in one place instead of running riot around the boat.


Do you use busy bags with your children?  Which one is their favourite?

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