Setting up a perfect home office

Setting up the perfect home office

With so many of us working from home in the last year, it has never been more pertinent to make sure that your home office space is as ideal as it can be.

To help you create the perfect place for productivity, we’ve had help from a green print solutions company to offer you tips on what to consider when setting up your home office! 


Dedicated space 

Be it a particular room or a particular wall for the desk to go by, make sure that the office space is just that, a space all its own.

Keep away from distractions, and keep the office space separate from the areas at home that you like to relax and kick back in. Not only will it help you feel more organised in your day, it means you don’t bring bad work vibes into the lounge when you’re done. 


The right equipment 

Many of you may be finding that as you work more at home, you need different pieces of equipment to help you adjust.

This can be anything from a wireless mouse, to needing a second monitor. Many workplaces will often help set you up with the equipment you might need, so keep in mind the kinds of issues your setup has and how a new addition to your home office tech might help solve it. 


Desk & monitor height 

Keeping an eye on your posture when you’re working is something we should all pay attention to. Not only will it help your body in the long run, being comfortable also goes a long way to making the space feel that much more productive.

Your work surface is at the correct height if, when you sit up straight, your forearms are parallel to the ground and your wrist is not bent up or down when you type or mouse. Your monitor should line up so that  when sitting straight ahead, your eyes are at a height just below the top of the screen.

This will help maintain a healthy and comfortable posture, away from dreaded hunched shoulders!



This one is nice and simple, but is an easy one to forget. Make sure you’re not working in a space that’s too dark.

Daylight has been known to help with productivity, so keep this in mind when setting up your space, and let the sunshine in! 


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