How choose a high-quality dining table

How to choose a high-quality dining table

Knowing which material to go for when choosing a dining table depends mainly on your taste. But there are a few other key points to consider which will help you to make the right decision when renovating your kitchen decor.


The dining table is essentially the heart of the kitchen.

It’s where most of the action happens so naturally, you want it to look great and serve its purpose well. The dining table is where memories are made, with spilt drinks and splattered food all being part of the process.


It’s all about finding the right balance between a table which is durable and has that perfect look to fit in with the rest of your furniture. So, how do you choose the right dining table?


Dining tables are made with a range of materials, all of which have different pros and cons. 

A popular addition to the modern kitchen is a glass dining table.

Glass tables are relatively easy to clean but are high maintenance as any dust or dirt is visible. While they would be thought of as the most flimsy, glass tables are now made with tempered material meaning they are pretty sturdy.

This means that it’s a relatively durable option as well as looking incredibly classy. 

Wood, on the other hand, has a rustic and classic look, adding character to any room.

If your kitchen is more old-fashioned, a wooden kitchen table will complement its surroundings. Wood, despite its inviting appearance, is not one of the most resistant materials for a dining table and is particularly susceptible to heat stains.


To ensure your dining table stands the test of time, you may choose to go for more durable materials such as granite or marble.

Marble dining tables are very trendy and hard-wearing. Granite and marble tables both come in a range of colours so are easy to coordinate with the rest of your kitchen. They are also straightforward to clean and highly durable as long as they are properly maintained. 

In terms of maintenance, there are just a few things you need to bear in mind for granite and marble dining tables.

Marble is relatively easy to mark and scratch, so it is best always to use coasters. Granite, in this sense, is less maintenance but still requires proper care such as being sealed – which is not necessary for marble tables. Sealing is the process of fastening two surfaces together, preventing liquid from getting through.

For dining and worktop tables, it is a good idea to add this liquid-resistant coating to keep it shining and new for as long as possible. The good news is – it typically only needs to be done around once a year.


Both marble and granite are very resistant as well as being a beautiful addition to any room. Whichever dining table you go for, with proper love and care, it will serve you well.


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Prepare your home for the winter weather

Preparing your home for the winter weather

Winter might come around every year, but it can still come as a shock when you wonder where the year has gone and start to worry about how much you have to do.

Protecting your home against any future temperature drops might seem like additional chores you don’t need at this busy time of year. But, taking even a small amount of time to get your home winter ready can save you from a lot of trouble and expensive emergency repairs.

Here are a few handy tips that will help your home feel safe and secure no matter how bad the weather outside the window looks. 

Clear your gutters

During the Autumn months, all those golden coloured leaves may look beautiful as they fall to the ground, but they can cause you trouble. If your gutters become clogged up, then they will not give your home the drainage it needs.

If water overflows from the gutter and cascades down your exterior walls, this can create huge problems with damp. Treating a damp wall can be costly, and if it is left untreated, a damp house can create health problems for a home’s occupants. So, it is worth it to get the ladders out and unclog those drains. 


Treat any exterior wood

If you have any exterior wood as part of your home or garden design, then you will need to treat it for the winter. If you do have external wood surfaces, you should note the difference between woodcare and paint. Wood needs to be cared for to prevent it from rotting or warping with lousy weather.

This does not mean putting a fresh layer of paint on every year, but a coat of wood preserver or decking oil will prevent the wood from deteriorating. 


Stock the freezers

Statista announced that online grocery sales were the fastest-growing purchase channel in the UK in 2019. All evidence indicates it will have grown even more in 2020. However, this convenience can quickly be interrupted by a bout of bad weather.

It is always worth having a couple of meals in the back of the freezer, just in case the grocery store lets you down and your delivery doesn’t arrive. 


Prepare for power cuts

According to the IPU Group, power cuts are more common than we think. If a lengthy power cut was to occur in your neighbourhood, you should be prepared.

Make sure you know where your torches, candles or camping lights are kept. You don’t want to be rummaging through every nook and cranny of your house in complete darkness. Consider your heating options as well. It is worth having a spare blanket or two kept around the house to keep you warm. 


Your home will likely be your sanctuary in the winter months.

It will keep you feeling warm and cosy despite the frightful temperatures outside. It is worth taking the time to make sure your home is well stocked and prepared, so that whatever the weather may bring you will have peace-of-mind.

With just a little bit of care, if the weather outside is frightful, your home will still feel delightful.


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Inject colour into a dull living room

How to inject colour into a dull living room

Have you ever glanced at your living room and thought it looked plain and dull?

Often people forget that colour is an important aspect in any living room. Although neutral tones are great, they can be boring, and sometimes all you need to take a living room from drab to fab is a pop of colour.

Have a read through this article for three easy ways to inject colour into your living room. 

Purchase a patterned carpet

Nothing injects a splash of colour into a dull living room like a patterned carpet. A carpet can immediately draw your eye in and become the focal point of the room – purchasing a coloured carpet will immediately make everything else in the room look brighter and more vibrant.

Purchasing patterned carpets doesn’t necessarily mean having a bold or garish design either, as patterned carpets can be bold whilst still being classy and sleek. For example, ColourBank produces amazing patterned carpets in countless shapes, styles and prints, so if you’re looking to purchase a patterned carpet to give your living room that extra splash of colour, head on over to their website and see what they have to offer. 


Paint an accent wall

Many people underestimate the power of an accent wall to transform an otherwise plain living room into a vibrant, fun space that people naturally gravitate towards. Painting an accent wall simply means choosing one wall of your living room and painting it in a colour that stands out from the rest of the room.

Accent walls immediately draw your eye in and create space and dimension within the room. Decorate your accent wall with a beautiful fireplace, a large mirror or a painting to really liven up the room. Accent walls are a great way to brighten up your living room without breaking the bank – simply purchase a tin of paint from your local shop and get creative!

Make sure you pick a colour that really stands out from the rest of your living room as this is what will draw the eye in and create depth within the room. 


Purchase coloured cushions and blankets

Having coloured cushions and blankets dotted around a living room is an amazing way of adding colour to your living room.

Coloured cushions and blankets work especially well with plain sofas, as the contrast between the neutral colour of the sofa and the pop of colour with the cushion is really pleasing to the eye. Coloured cushions and blankets also create a lovely, cosy atmosphere which will encourage people to spend more time socialising and chatting in the living room area.

For a modern look, go for brightly coloured, block-colour cushions and blankets, and for a cosier feel, purchase cushions with prints, such as a flower print. If you’re looking to add colour to your room, purchasing cushions and blankets is a great, low-maintenance option. 

These are just some of the many ways to inject some colour into your living room. Remember, colour is a great way of increasing the brightness and vibrancy of any room. If you want to completely change the tone and feel of a room, adding a splash of colour can completely change it, so get creative! 


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Change the look of home with wall art

Quickly change the look of your home with wall art

I remember when I was a teenager, spending hours and hours sticking up posters and photos and postcards and random pictures cut out of magazine all over my bedroom walls.

Over the years as my tastes and interests changed the walls would get updated.

Posters of Boyzone, carefully torn from the pages of Live and Kicking magazine were replaced with the black and white picture of the topless man holding a baby (you know the one!).  And that in turn was replaced with the classic grand central station poster when I had a new bedroom to decorate at uni.

There was something about changing up the pictures and posters on the walls that gave the whole room a completely new look and feel.

And with all of us spending more time at home this year it’s not surprising that we’re feeling like we want to revamp things again now.  And buying new wall art is like the grown up equivalent of sticking up a new selection of boyband posters.


Picking out a few new pictures to hang on the walls is such a quick and easy way to completely change the look of your home, and there are so many options you can go for.

You could keep things completely personal in one space in your home and get a load of family photos printed.

I love the idea of a gallery wall going up the stairs, full of photos of different family members.  I remember my grandparents had a wall like this at one end of their bungalow and I used to love slowly walking along and seeing who I recognised from their childhood photos.


You can also completely change the look of your living room depending on the type of wall art you choose.

If you have a blue and white colour scheme you could pick out some fun beachy themed art prints that would fit in perfectly.  Depending on your tastes you could go for an anchor motif, a beachy slogan print or a peaceful seaside scene.

Or you could pick out a few statement pieces of abstract art instead for a completely different look.


The great thing about using wall art to revamp your home is that you can use it in pretty much every room of the house.

There’s often not much you can do in your kitchen to change up how it looks, without spending a fair bit of time and money replacing the units and worktops.  But picking out a few bits of wall art and getting some new accessories like vases to match can still make a big difference and create a new look.

You might not have as much wall space available in the kitchen for big posters and art prints, so smaller pieces of wooden wall art might be the best option.

Depending on the look you’re going for you could pick a few pieces with fun, kitchen-themed puns on them, a retro coffee shop style piece or a graphic print of kitchen utensils.


The best thing about using wall art to change the look of your home is that it can all be changed again whenever you fancy another change.

It’s so easy to take down a print you’re a bit tired of looking at and hang up something new and fresh instead.


Do you use wall art to change up the look of your home?  What do you have hanging on the walls at the moment?


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Ways to give your home a luxury feel

Different ways to give your home a luxury feel

In a perfect world, everyone who wanted to would be able to live in a luxury home, with the very best of everything surrounding them. Sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world, and for many, a luxurious home is simply out of the question.

Or rather, that might be how it seems, but the truth is that anyone can add a little touch of luxury to their homes no matter what budget they might have.

Here are some of the ways it can be done. 

Marble tiles 

Marble is a truly luxurious item that many associate with a great deal of expense.

Although marble can be costly if you use it in the right ways you can still include it even on a smaller budget. You can transform your home with marble tiles, for example, in the kitchen or your bathroom. Simply having some of these tiles lining your walls will give you an instant look of beauty. 

As an additional benefit, marble tiles will also help keep your home cool, and they are extremely easy to clean and take care of. They will lift your home instantly and will always be in style. 


Fresh flowers 

When it comes to thinking about luxury, the idea of fresh flowers isn’t necessarily one that comes straight to mind. This is a shame since flowers placed strategically around your home can be a simple, effective, and cheap way to add a touch of luxury to any room.

Not only will your home look luxurious, but flowers add an air of sophistication too, so they are especially great if you are having guests to visit (although, of course, placing them around the home to make yourself happy is always a wonderful idea). 

The impact fresh flowers can have on your home is huge. And since the blooms aren’t permanent, you can change them whenever you want to, opting for different shapes and colours to tie in with any theme you are creating. 


A coat of paint 

When was the last time you gave your home, or even just one of the rooms, a good new coat of paint? It might be many years, and this could be a reason your home doesn’t feel as luxurious as it could do. 

There is something amazing about the fresh feeling a new coat of paint will give a room, and it certainly exudes a hint – at the very least – of luxury. 

You could hire a contractor to repaint your house (and you’ll be very glad once it’s done and you can appreciate the final, luxurious result), but if this is out of your budget, it is something you can do yourself. This will save you money, but remember to ensure you do the job well and take your time over it. If not, and it is rushed and unfinished, that luxurious look you are hoping for won’t be found. 



No matter how much money you spend on a home – or how little – if it is full of ‘junk’ and items stacked on items and lots of trash all over the place, it’s never going to have a luxurious feel. 

Spend some time clearing out anything you don’t need. You can take it to a charity shop or sell it online if you don’t want to take it to the dump, but whatever you do, removing it from the house will not only make the place look so much better, but it will make you feel better too. 


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Indoor vs Outdoor Tiles at home

Indoor vs Outdoor Tiles

If you’re thinking about giving your home a fresh look with a new floor, whether that’s throughout the property or in one room, in particular, the type of flooring product to use is going to be a major decision. If you have carpet, do you switch to wood? Or if you have one type of tile do you opt for another? 

These are the questions that are likely to cause you the biggest headaches as once your new floor has been installed, it becomes a very expensive and time-consuming process to get it replaced. Something no homeowner wants to do. 

Choosing one flooring products isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds, however, as once you’ve decided on one, such as porcelain tiles, you then have to decide what style, colour and size is going to best match what you’re looking for. 

One of the biggest decisions most homeowners that choose to install tiles have to make nowadays is whether they go for indoor tiles or outdoor tiles. Now, this may seem a silly question to ask considering where you choose to install each type is in their name, but more often than not, you will find many homes that install outdoor tiles in the inside of their home and vice versa for several reasons. 

Want to find out more? Let’s take a look at how indoor tiles matchup against their outdoor counterparts…

Differences between indoor & outdoor tiles 

As we mentioned, the location of where you want your new floor tiles to be installed will often influence which type of tiles your choose, but sometimes the benefits offered by different styles can become very attractive. Understanding the differences between indoor and outdoor tiles may help you to narrow down your choice. 

  • Texture – The first major difference that you will find between indoor and outdoor tiles is the texture that they are finished with. Indoor tiles are usually finished with a smooth surface, meaning they can become very slippery when wet, not ideal if you’re planning a bathroom makeover. Outdoor tiles, on the other hand, are designed with a textured surface that offers high anti-slip benefits, ideal if you want to install new tiles in a bathroom for example. 


  • Longevity – The thing that outdoor tiles have to contend with that indoor tiles do not is the weather. Being outside, they are constantly exposed to the elements, whether it’s the blazing sun beating down on them during the summer or heavy snow and rainfall during the winter. Your outdoor tiles go through a lot of each year. This doesn’t include the footfall and pressure from vehicles also! 


So, in order to sustain these constant demands, outdoor tiles need to be manufactured in a way that makes them last. This is usually achieved by making outdoor tiles thicker than indoor tiles, often double the size. Thicker tiles are far less likely to become damaged, even if you have cars driving across them or heavy furniture placed on top, meaning they tend to last longer than indoor products. 


  • Glaze – Similarly to the texture, indoor and outdoor tiles come in different glaze options. Indoor tiles can be glazed or unglazed, whereas outdoor tiles are almost always unglazed. To make glazed tiles, manufacturers bake a layer of glass onto the top of the tile to give them a somewhat shiny aesthetic. If you are planning on installing new tiles in dry parts of your home, such as the kitchen, then glazed tiles are the best choice. For rooms that are exposed to more moisture then unglazed is the way to go.


  • Grout – It may seem a bit silly, but the type of tile you choose to install will affect the type of grout you need to lay them. Whilst many types of grout may work for indoor tiles, if you decide to install outdoor tiles, you’re likely going to need to be more particular in your grout choice. 


When it comes to choosing between indoor and outdoor tiles for your home, there are a number of things you need to consider.

The above points are just a few with the ultimate decision coming down to where you’re planning on installing them and personal preference. Hopefully, these points will help make your decision that little bit easier! 

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Quick tips for creating more space in your home

3 quick tips for creating more space in your home

I think it’s pretty safe to say that we’re all spending a bit more time at home than usual.

And while it can be lovely to cwtch up at home together, having everyone in the house all at the same time for extended periods of time can really make you aware of things.  Like how much space there is for you all to enjoy your home.  Or how little space there seems to be all of a sudden.

If you’re starting to feel like the walls are closing in on you a bit, here are 3 quick tips to create more space in your home.



One of the best things you can do to start creating more space in your home is to declutter and get rid of some of the stuff that’s taking up valuable room.

Do a big sweep of your house and see what items you can sell, pass on to friends or donate to charity.

If there are lots of things that you don’t need at the moment, but want to keep for the future then see if you can store them somewhere.  This might be things like baby and toddler items that your child has grown out of but you plan to use again as your family grows.

You might be able to stash these things away in the attic, or you could look into using a self storage unit.  Places like Now storage self storage in Rogiet can give you short and long-term storage options, so you can keep your belongings safely tucked away for as long as you need.

The great thing about using a storage unit like this is that it gets things out of the house, but you can still access them whenever you need to.  So you could also use it as a holding ground for things you’re not sure if you should keep or get rid of.  Box these kinds of items up and put them in the storage unit.  If you’ve not needed to go to the unit to get any of the items after 6 months, then you can be pretty certain you don’t really need them so you can feel free to sell or pass them on to someone else.


Get crafty with storage

Once you’ve cleared as much as you can out of your house you can still create more space by getting creative with how you store everything that’s left.

Think about the different places in your home where you can tuck things away in hidden storage boxes.  You can get containers in various sizes to fit underneath beds and sofas that are great for storing all sorts of items, from out of season clothing to toys and puzzles.

Another great option is to use pieces of furniture that double up as storage.  So things like ottomans that can be used as footstools or extra seating, but can also store quite a bit of stuff that would otherwise clutter up the room.  You can also get some great coffee tables that lift up to reveal hidden storage space that you can use for magazines, remotes, coasters and all sorts of other bits and pieces.


Create the illusion of more space

Once you’ve done all you can to declutter and store things away it might feel like there’s nothing else you can do to get more space in your home.

There are a few things you can try though, to at least give the illusion of more space.

Painting the walls and ceilings a lighter colour is a great place to start.  Painting walls, trimmings and ceilings the same colour helps them all sort of blend together, creating the illusion of higher ceilings and more space.

Hanging mirrors around the house is another brilliant way to make it seem more spacious.

It’s also worth looking at the visual clutter that’s on the walls and vertical surfaces of your home.  Think about clearing the photos, artwork and magnets that might be cluttering up the front and sides of your fridge.  And if you have a noticeboard hanging up, see what you can do to reduce the amount of things pinned to it.

You don’t have to take all the personality out of your home, just edit it down a bit.  You can get great frames that let you display a piece of your child’s artwork while storing other pieces inside, which you can rotate or update now and then instead of having all their work on show at the same time.


Hopefully these ideas will help if you’ve been feeling a bit hemmed in at home.

What is your best tip for creating more space in a busy home?


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