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Living Arrows 2021 – 11/52

Here we go, the first week with both the children back in school in what feels like a ridiculously long time.

Nerys has adjusted really well to being back in, so I’m hoping things will go just as smoothly for Rhys this week.

He was quite excited at the end of last week when he handed in the last of his home learning assignments, so I think he’s happy enough to be heading back to the classroom.  I did have to point out to him though that we don’t know for certain that he won’t have to do home learning again at some point.

Hopefully we won’t end up with full on school closures again, but I’m so aware that there’s a good chance one or both of the children could be back at home again at some point this year if anyone in their class tests positive for the virus.

For now though, I’m hoping we can all enjoy this first week of some level of normality, especially with other restrictions slowly being lifted here in Wales too.

Yesterday we were able to meet up with Steve’s parents for a little Mother’s day walk, which was really lovely.  We met them in the park and walked together down to the beach, where Steve took a few photos of the children and I popped into the shop for some last minute lunchbox essentials.


The rest of Mother’s day was nice and relaxed.  The children made me a card each and Nerys gave me a brooch that I know she worked really hard on in school.  It actually made me a bit emotional when I realised that she had been making it for me.

I also got treated to homemade waffles for lunch and pizza for tea and plenty of love and hugs from the children throughout the day.

Not a bad way to end this latest spell of having them home far longer than we ever expected.

It has been really quite stressful at times, having us all at home together, but I know I’m going to miss my two this week, and the house is going to feel really quiet.  I will enjoy the peace though, for as long as it lasts this time!


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