Benefits of forest school for children

The benefits of forest school for children

Nowadays, children tend to rely on their smartphones, games consoles and other digital devices as source of entertainment, causing them to lose sight of the simple joys derived from playing outside. Many transferrable skills can be developed through outdoor play because it provides them with various learning opportunities.

Of course, not all children have access to a safe outdoor environment to explore freely, which is why it is important for schools to provide this opportunity for them.

This is why Forest School is so great.


At Barrow Hills, an independent school in Surrey, learning is not confined to the classroom. They have access to over 15 acres of woodland; a wonderful location for Forest School related activities, such as climbing, hiding, balancing, building dens, lighting fires, investigating creepy crawlies and many other enjoyable pursuits. It is fantastic for physical and sensory development, allowing staff to engage all types of learners.

After all, some children face issues with conventional learning and processing and retaining information. It is an incredibly stimulating environment for the children to develop key skills. 

Outdoor learning is a fantastic way to teach children things that cannot be learned from books alone.

They are able to practise multitasking, teamwork, and problem solving, to name but a few. These are skills that must be performed in order for them to develop. In the outside world, there is so much to see and explore, especially as nature is always changing.

Essentially, it promotes holistic, whole body learning and allows youngsters to develop emotional intelligence, as well as academic talent.

Allowing children to let off some steam and express themselves in this safe, structured environment away from the pressures of a regular learning environment is ideal because when they do eventually return to the classroom, they will do so feeling fresh, happy, and willing to learn.   

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