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The siblings project – March 2021

Another month, another set of windswept photos of the children together on the beach!

I can’t get my head around the fact that this time last year the post I wrote showed no signs at all of what was just about to begin.  I wrote about world book day, and Rhys going away on a residential trip, and life sounded so wonderfully normal.

It’s so strange to think what’s happened in the 12 months since then.  I couldn’t have imagined back then how special it would feel to go for a walk on the beach, with the children and my in-laws.


There have been some signs of normality creeping in over the past month though.

Nerys has been back in school, and even got to celebrate world book day with her friends.  This year was wonderfully stress-free, thanks to her deciding to go as Hermione Granger, which just required her one-piece costume being thrown on over the top of normal clothes.

Rhys was still doing home learning at that point, so opted out of dressing up altogether which was fine by me!

Now he’s heading back into school again next week too, and hopefully things will start to settle down into the old/new routine of both children in school.

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