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Living Arrows 2019 – 35/52

There is a green outside my parents’ house that has three trees on it that were just perfect for climbing when I was young.

In the years since I moved away they’ve been cut back, so you can’t climb them in the same way any more.  But I can still picture them, still remember exactly how we used to get up the one we climbed most often.

You would grab the lowest branch and walk your legs up the trunk.  Then hook one leg over and haul yourself around and up.  I did it so often the movement is ingrained in my memory.


Climbing trees is a classic childhood activity isn’t it, but it’s not something that Nerys in particular has done all that much.

So I really loved seeing her boldly clambering up this big tree we came across on our walk round Penllergare woods last week.


She thought it was brilliant being up there, and would’ve happily stayed up there for ages if we’d let her.

We had more exploring to do though, so after a few more photos she did agree to come back down.  I think I might keep an eye out for other good climbing trees while we’re out and about though, I quite like watching both my children figure out how to get themselves up in the branches.


Do your children like to climb trees?  Did you used to do it when you were younger?


Living Arrows
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