Fun weekend ideas

Fun ideas and getaways for the weekend

When life gets busy, it’s easy to forget that everyone needs a little downtime.  It doesn’t have to be much, but a simple change of pace on the weekend can help you reset and be ready to tackle the forthcoming week at hand.

Here are some fun ideas and getaways for the weekend, so you and your family can enjoy some quality time together.

Getting situated

In preparation for your upcoming weekend, you should get all your errands and appointments taken care of ahead of time. Be sure to schedule any vital appointments early in the week. Being able to have the service technician from take care of your home pest prevention routine on a Tuesday or Wednesday, checks that off of your to-do-list. This way you can ensure your home is protected from nasty bugs and vermin, so you can have fun during the weekend in peace.


Even if it rains

On the off chance there is rain scheduled for the weekend, don’t let it drag down your spirits. Just be sure to plan some alternative rainy day activities you and your family can enjoy in a pinch. You can get in the kitchen and make some tasty desserts, such as cupcakes or rice cereal treats to eat.

Another great option would be to dig into your movie collection and find something everyone can enjoy, pop some popcorn, dim the lights and watch. It might be super simple but it’s a quick and easy way to spend time together as a family. If all of your movie options are exhausted, maybe it’s time to dust off those board games in your closet. Monopoly, Scrabble, Catan, Mole Rats in Space, and Sorry are great for multiple players. For the younger audience members, you can bring out Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, or Catch the Fox. Just because it’s raining, doesn’t mean you can have fun.


Make the best of a sunny weekend day

If the sun is shining on your weekend, go outside! There are lots of things you can do as a family, and many cost little to nothing for the fun. Plan a family bike ride or a scavenger hunt where kids look for interesting things around town. Visiting public parks, gardens, or taking in a local sporting event are fun and fantastic ways to be outdoors and be with family. Going for a leisurely bike ride can provide you with fresh air and lots of photo-taking opportunities depending on your route.


If you’re looking to explore further, plan a weekend getaway you can experience without having to travel thousands of miles. Getting out and soaking up some local culture, eating fabulous food and grabbing some photos of the occasion, will make the weekend both fun and memorable. And, when the weather permits, do be sure to head to the shore for a glorious day in the sun with your feet in the sand. It’s an easy way for you to unwind after a busy week.


As you look to set your weekend plans in stone, remember that things can change and you need to be flexible. An alternate plan is nice to have in your back pocket, just in case something comes up. Another thing to consider is the fact that you can have a good time with your family with little to no money invested.

Spending time in the park kicking around a ball or tossing a frisbee can be great bonding time. And, if you do have some cash to burn, by all means, do expand your weekend options further. Just don’t feel limited by your situation. Because in the end being with your family and having fun are all that matters.

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