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Living Arrows 2019 – 32/52

Last week was a big one for Nerys.

After a few weeks of wobbling she lost her first tooth.  She swallowed it actually, poor thing.

We were sitting together eating lunch on Friday and she turned to me and asked where her tooth was.  A quick look in her mouth confirmed that it had come out, but there was no sign of it anywhere.

So we’ve made the assumption that it got swallowed along with her lunch.

She was a bit upset to start with, but once I’d reassured her that the tooth fairy would still come and visit her if we wrote her a little note she was quite happy.


As for me?

I’m feeling all kinds of emotional about it.

5 just seems too young to be starting to lose baby teeth, even though it does seem to be quite normal these days to start losing them at that age.

It feels like a really big thing though, another big step away from her being my baby.


I’ll get used to it soon enough though I’m sure.

This gappy smile will be our normal for a while.  Until another tooth comes out I suppose!


How old was your child when they lost their first tooth?


Living Arrows
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