How to keep organised with a busy family life

Keeping organised with a busy family life

It’s no secret that the introduction of children can complicate home life. For the most part, naturally, this complication is welcome. But it can make it a struggle to impose order.

If you’re not careful, you can easily find that the problem runs away from you: allow chaos to reign for too long, and it can be a bit difficult to persuade the rest of your household that getting things organised is possible – or even desirable. 

With that said, there are a few steps you might take to keep even the most hectic home grounded and organised. You needn’t take all of the following steps at once: each of them, even in isolation, can help to keep a busy family home organised.

Work rota

Just a few children will generate mess at an astonishing rate. If it falls to one parent to clean it up, then the task will seem endless and a bit soul-crushing. Nip this in the bud by entrusting everyone with cleaning their own room, and, on occasion, some of the communal spaces, too.

Things like vacuuming and laundry can also be divided between the household. Set up a formal rota and stick it up somewhere public, like the fridge. That way there’ll be no ambiguity about whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher.


Set aside work time

It’s easy to put off household chores until the weekend, where they can chew up hours. By setting aside a fixed time every day to get work done, you’ll ensure that the work gets done. A single load of laundry can go in immediately after dinner. While that’s being done, another person can load the dishwasher. Of course, the person who actually did the cooking can put their feet up!


Fix mealtimes 

Sit-down mealtimes can provide a day with a much-needed structure. Fix breakfast and dinner at specific hours: 7am and 7pm are as good as any. This predictability will make it easier for everyone to turn up to dinner on time. For example, if your eldest son is midway through a bout of Fortnite, they won’t have to let ninety-nine other players down just because you’ve summoned them for a lasagne. 


Don’t go to bed when things are messy

Mess escalates when it’s ignored. You might take a look at a cluttered dining table and decide that it’s a task for another day – but this is almost always a mistake. Get that stuff tidied away, and then hit the hay. If you have a  extendable dining table, then make a rule that you need to fold it back up at the end of every day – no matter how much stuff is piled on top.


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