What your shoes say about you

What do your shoes say about you?

When you get dressed to go out, how much thought do you put into what goes on your feet?

Personally, most of the time my decision is based on practical considerations.  Things like the weather and how far I’ll be walking come into play much more than concerns about the way my shoes look.

I do wonder at times though, what my shoes say about me to other people.


I know there are some people out there who put a lot of thought into the shoes that they wear.

And other people who would refuse to date someone based on their choice of footwear.

So the shoes we put on our feet can be used to express parts of our personalities, and help us make judgements on other people’s personalities.


Studies have found that we can make some quite accurate assumptions about strangers based on their choice of footwear.

People who wear comfortable, practical shoes are generally nice and agreeable.

This is the category I fall into I think.  My shoes are definitely in the comfy, practical category, rather than being chosen for any major fashion points.  And I’d like to think that people who know me would generally describe me as agreeable!


On the other hand, people who wear pointy-toed heels, especially those that are made by an expensive fashion label, tend to be less agreeable.

Now, I have to admit I don’t know all that many people who wear expensive, designer, pointy-toed shoes so I’m not sure how accurate this is.  But studies have found that this is the case.


There are also those people out there who wear older shoes that they’ve taken good care of and really looked after.

These kinds of people are generally conscientious, which makes sense really.  If I saw someone who clearly looked after their shoes, I would assume that they were thoughtful and caring with most other things in their lives too.


What do you think of this?

Do you ever make assumptions about other people based on what shoes they’re wearing?

I don’t tend to notice other people’s shoes all that much, but I do wonder if it’s time for me to change things up a bit and try some new styles and see if it affects how people see me

I’ve been browsing the shoes at FSJshoes and there are so many styles on there, I could take on a new persona every day if I bought enough pairs!


Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post

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