Living Arrows

Living Arrows 2018 – 27/52

This weekend was one that we’d been looking forward to all year.

The weekend of the Wales National Airshow here in Swansea.

We’ve been along to see it every year since it started, and absolutely love it every single time.  We pack up a bag with a blanket, drinks and snacks and head down to the beach to enjoy the show.

It was a glorious sunny day on Saturday, with clear blue skies and just enough of a breeze to not feel uncomfortably hot.  So we wandered down for the first display at around midday and stayed till the Red Arrows wrapped things up perfectly just after 5 o’clock.

We’ve seen them quite a few times now and they’re always the highlight of the day for me, just amazing to sit and watch.

Normally we would go down to the beach for both days of the Airshow, but this year the displays were the same on both days and the forecast for Sunday was actually pretty grey and soggy.  So, after debating for a while, we decided to give the second day a miss this year.

Lucky for us though, we could still see some of the displays from our bedroom window.

Living Arrows

This was the face of a little girl rather excited to have been able to see both the Red Arrows and the RAF Eurofighter Typhoon from our house.

She has always been that little bit more interested in watching the planes than Rhys, and is a huge fan of the Red Arrows.  She does like the Typhoon too, and isn’t even slightly bothered by how loud it is.

It just makes us laugh now when it flies over, because it brings back memories of both Nerys and Rhys sleeping through it when they were babies.  Honestly, if you’ve ever heard it you’ll know how unbelievably loud it is, and it’s just so funny to remember these babies not even stirring in the buggy as it flew past.

The best piece of advice my sister gave me before I had the children was to never tiptoe around them when they’re sleeping, to just carry on as normal, and that they’ll get used to sleeping through the noise.

She was right with my two at least!

Living Arrows
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