Tips for an awesome fancy dress party

The tips you need to know for an awesome fancy dress party

I think it’s pretty safe to say that most children love to dress up.  All you need to do is look at the popularity of holidays, such as Halloween, to see this.  It’s not just special occasions though, you can see it throughout the year, whether it be dressing up in parent’s clothes or rummaging through a fancy dress box – there are hours of fun to be had with dressing up.

If your child is keen on having a fancy dress party, the possibilities are endless – you will never run out of ideas. From wearing an animal costume, to a princess, to impersonating a celebrity, to even posing as your most favoured game player, such as Mario and Luigi fancy dress. With that in mind, here are a few suggestions and advice that will help guide you through the planning process to host an awesome fancy dress party.

The tips you need to know for an awesome fancy dress party (1)

Things to consider:

  • Pick a theme

Whatever the occasion, first thing first, you’ll want to choose what the theme will be. With an endless number of possibilities, whatever your child decides will be highly entertaining for all involved.

A popular option is to ask everyone to dress up in something beginning with the same letter as your child’s name. For example, if your child’s name begins with “B”, party-goers could dress up as Belle (the princess), a bee, Batman or a baby. But, the key is to think outside the box, to ensure you don’t end up dressed up as someone else!

Alternatively, if your child is younger, they may want more of a specific theme. For instance, they may insist everyone dresses up as a princess, or pirates. Perhaps even something comic-book related that appeals to both girls and boys, where they can don outfits such as Spiderman, Ironman or Wonder Woman fancy dress.

Although, before just buying a costume for your child, it is important to do your research. A couple of years ago, MPs called for children’s fancy dress costumes to face tougher fire safety regulations, after TV presenter Claudia Winkleman’s daughter suffered serious burns from her Halloween outfit.


  • Preparation

Like any party, a fancy dress party for your child will need a bit of preparation in advance. Usually a month is more than enough time, but if you are considering booking a venue, it is worth enquiring a few months before you plan to host the party.

Once you’ve picked a theme, you will need to begin the party prep. This is the most fun part, as you can really let your creative juices flow. It is important to send out invitations as soon as possible to ensure people are free and have enough time to create or buy their costumes – three weeks is reasonable.

As far as food is concerned, there are many things you can do to extend the theme even further and impress. Consider decorating the cake and other food items by embellishing them in edible designs, such as eye-patches or treasure for a pirate party, or floral and glitter designs for a garden fairy party.

Fancy dress party themed food

  • Decorate

Once you’ve determined this, the next task is to start preparing the decor, by designing party bags and making decorations. Decorations of course can be made to suit the theme and, with enough prep time, you can really make something special that the kids will remember.

Using cardboard, paint, a computer and a printer, you can make all sorts of fantastic things, and it’s a great way to involve the kids and spend some quality time with them. If you’re not the most creative of people, there are many online resources that you can refer to for more personal, homemade decorations that will not only look fantastic, but won’t break the bank either.


With this tips you can give your child a really awesome dressing up party, so take plenty of photos so you can all remember it for years to come!


Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post

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