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4 ideas for a low maintenance garden

When Steve and I first got together we lived in a block of flats in the middle of town.  So when we moved to the house we live in now, just before Rhys was born, we were so excited to finally have a garden to be able to spend time in.

Ok, I’ll admit it, I was particularly excited about having a garden that had a washing line so I could finally dry our washing outside rather than over radiators inside.

What we realised quite quickly though, is that the garden is quite high maintenance.  It has paving slabs, wooden decking, grass, flower beds and a huge variety of plants growing.  It’s lovely, but when we move at some point in the future I’ll be looking for a house with a garden that’s a bit easier to maintain.

If you don’t have the time or energy to dedicate to your garden, then these 4 ideas that I’ve found for a creating a low maintenance garden might come in handy!

4 ideas for a low maintenance garden

Go evergreen

When you’re thinking about what plants to grow in your garden, try and stick to evergreen varieties.  They tend to be quite low-maintenance and look good pretty much all year.

In shady parts of your garden you could go for a daphne plant, which tend to grow into quite a compact, rounded shape and feature small, fragrant flowers.

For sunnier areas of the garden lavender is a great option that is nice and easy to grow as well as looking and smelling great.

Add some perennials

To give some low-maintenance colour and interest to your garden try adding a couple of perennials.

Geraniums are a great choice because they require hardly any attention, and they flower for a long time.  There are also quite a few varieties to choose from depending on whether you want to grow them in a sunny or shady part of your garden so there’s something for everyone.

Make the lawn low-effort

Let go of the idea of a pristine lawn and instead think about letting some parts of it grow longer.  And when you do cut it, don’t worry about collecting all the clippings. Leaving them on the lawn will actually help to put nutrients back in to the soil.

For a really low-effort lawn you could go for artificial turf which doesn’t need any maintenance and will look good all year round.

Easy to care for rattan garden furniture

Choose easy to care for furniture

If you don’t have much storage space then ideally you want some garden furniture that you can leave out all year.  Plastic tables and chairs are nice and easy to clean down after a winter exposed to the elements, although they might not look all that fancy.  You can find some great deals with discounts codes from sites like 1discount.co.uk if you’re shopping online for garden furniture.

Wooden furniture looks much better and is strong and durable but you will need to treat it if it’s going to stay looking good.  Possibly the best low-effort option would be furniture made from materials like synthetic rattan which is weatherproof and extremely low maintenance.

Hopefully by considering these 4 things when it comes to our next garden we could create an outdoor space that we would love to spend time in, without spending a lot of time working on maintaining it.

Do you have any other tips for creating a low maintenance garden?

Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post

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