Me and mine July 2018

Me and mine – June 2018

Well June has been a pretty glorious month, hasn’t it!

Lots of blue skies and sunshine has meant lots of weekend afternoons spent at the beach.  It’s been so warm that the children have actually been able to swim in the sea which they’ve been absolutely loving.

The beach at Swansea bay is one of our family’s happy places, and having spent so much time there this month it seems fitting that we took our photos there for this month’s me and mine project post.

Me and mine June 2018

June has been a pretty good month all round.

The children are happy at school and both had loads of fun at their sports days.  There are only a few more weeks of school for this year and I think they’re starting to reach that wind-down time, where things relax a bit.  Rhys went on a trip with his class to Oxwich bay last week and had a great time looking for crabs and other creatures.  And Nerys’ class have been doing lots of learning with water outside to keep cool in the heat.

As much as they seem to be enjoying school, they’re both definitely looking forward to the summer holidays, and I am too.  Last summer we all seemed to get ill one after the other and it was a bit of a washout, so I’m hoping we’ll all stay healthy this year and can spend plenty of time at the park and the beach.

And I’ll be trying my best not to think too much about the fact that when September rolls round Rhys will be moving into the juniors and Nerys will be at school all day!

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