Confessions of a summer parent

My husband asked me earlier, “when does Rhys finish school?”

So, naturally, I replied, “3.20”.

Turns out he meant when does he finish school for the summer.

So I checked, and it’s next week.  Next week!  How is it the summer holidays next week?!

I’m really happy with the idea of all those weeks of having both my children around all the time, and of not having to get up to do the school run every day.

But, I know that I will have plenty of times when it’s a struggle.  When I’m trying to juggle everyone’s needs and not being very successful.

So, you know what my plan is?



I plan to take my wonderful in-laws up on any offer they may make to take the kids away for a few hours, or a day, or, dare I say it, a sleepover.

I’ve been feeling absolutely rotten for the last week with a nasty bout of tonsillitis and I really don’t know what I would’ve done without my in-laws around.  They’ve been a huge help and I am so thankful for everything they’ve done.

And it’s made me very aware of how amazing it is to have them so close by.  To have them be such a part of my children’s lives.  To have such wonderful support nearby, when my own parents are so far away.

So, my tip for all you other summer parents out there, is to get help as much as you can!

Don’t try and fill the whole holiday yourself, ask for help, plead for help and gracefully accept any and all help that comes you way.

Maybe you don’t have relatives nearby, but there must be someone willing to take the kids for a walk in the park for a few hours for you.  Seriously, don’t feel guilty about needing/asking for some help.  Yes it’s lovely having the kids home from school, but it is full on, we all need a break now and then.

I for one don’t want to come down with another round of tonisillitis at the end of the holidays!


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