And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

For some reason, all four of us were disturbed in the early hours the other night.

Steve and I were both tossing and turning, and then the children took it in turns to shout out and need attention.  And after getting up to see to them, I couldn’t get straight back to sleep, so I grabbed my phone to see what was going on in the world.

And I saw the news about Nice.

And my tired mind couldn’t make sense of it.  And in the morning, I still couldn’t make sense of it.

And now, days later, I’m realising that there just is no making sense of it.  There is no getting your head around this.  All this violence, and hate, and pain.

I’m seeing people try though.  I’ve read various posts from people expressing their feelings about it.  Most of them have brought me to tears.

The ones that upset me the most though, are the ones from people who seem to be losing hope.  The ones where people are in a state of despair about the world they’ve brought their children into.

I understand the desire to hold our children that bit closer when something like this happens.  It’s our nature to want to protect them.  To do whatever we can to keep them safe.

And I understand how terrifying it is to think that we might not be able to protect them, that nowhere is really safe ‘out there’ any more.

But, the thing is, I still believe that this world is inherently good, that it really is a wonderful place.

I believe there is a hell of a lot more love out there than hate.

And I believe that us parents have got a huge job to do now.  

It’s on us to raise our children to be open-minded people.

It’s on us to teach them that, no matter what a person’s religion, race, physical appearance, we’re all human, we’re all the same underneath it all.

And it’s on us to show them that love will always, always win.

My heart aches for the people who are hurting, but I can’t let the pain win.  We can’t let the evil few win.

So please, don’t be defeated.  Don’t hide away.  Don’t stop living life.  Don’t regret bringing children into this world.

Our children are here and they need to know that there is still so much good out there.  That there is so much to see, so many wonderful people to meet.

We just need to keep teaching them, there is always hope and there is always love.

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