The big moments and the little ones

I’ve been a mum for over 5 years now.  Which I suppose isn’t that long in the greater scheme of things.  But for me it seems like a long, long time.  In those 5 years I’ve most likely felt every possible emotion, and had so many special moments with my children.

One of the questions in the pack of coaching cards for new parents that I’ve got is, “what are some of the best moments you’ve had with your baby?”


This question is a really important one for new parents to think about.

In those early weeks and months it can be easy to get a bit low about things.  You can feel so exhausted that you might not always think about the wonderful moments you’ve had with your baby.

So it’s a lovely idea to sit with a cuppa and think about the best moments you’ve experienced so far.

And I think this is just as important for us parents with older children to do too.  5 years in, my days are often a bit of a blur of school runs and nursery runs, endless sandwich making and coffee drinking to make up for the fact that my nights are still generally disturbed.

I wanted to take a bit of time out from all that, to reminisce about the best moments I’ve had with my babies, even though they’re not babies any more.

Some of them are big moments, some of them are tiny, fleeting ones.  But they’re all wonderful to me.


The big moments.

Some of the best moments with both of my children were their first moments.  Those amazing, life-changing moments just after they were born.

With Rhys I was absolutely exhausted by the time he arrived.  So I just felt utter relief.  Relief that he was finally here, safe, in my arms.

Nerys came much more quickly, and I hadn’t had quite as much gas and air, so I felt much more ‘in the room’ when she was born.  So it was a different experience, an amazing experience, to hold her for the first time.

There’s nothing quite like those first few moments with your new baby.  And the first few hours that follow, when you just sort of drink them in.



The other big moments that I’ve enjoyed most have been the big milestones.

In particular, seeing them walk for the first time.  After months of them trying, there’s something amazing about seeing those first wobbly steps.  The look on their face as they realise what they’re doing.  And then, they’re off.


The little moments.

I think it’s so often the case in life that the little things are the best.

And as far as the best moments with my babies goes, I really do think this is the case.

When you slow down, and are present in the moment, you experience things you’ll treasure forever.

  • Walking, slowly, with Rhys as a toddler.  And seeing the pride on his face as he told me all the different shapes he could see.
  • Sitting on the edge of my bed, breastfeeding Nerys, and knowing it would be the last time I did it.  Taking the time to take in every last detail of that moment.
  • Listening to Rhys laugh for the first time.  At us saying ‘rusk’ of all things.  Still makes me smile to this day.
  • Lying in bed with Nerys sleeping alongside me.  That wonderful feeling of being the one she needs to feel safe and comforted.
  • Sitting next to Rhys and listening to him read a book, and feeling so proud of how much he’s learning at school, how much he wants to learn.


There are too many more of these moments to mention.  I could probably fill a book with them.

Maybe I will.

A special book just for me, and my children.

To remember all those little moments, and the big ones too, that have made me so unbelievably happy to be their Mummy.

Mr and Mrs T Plus Three
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