Astound your guests with pendant lighting at home

Astound your guests with pendant lighting

Is your home the centre of all your social and family gatherings? Looking for a new way to astound frequent guests can be a challenge. Luckily, pendant lighting is making a comeback in a totally new way. 

Previously used over our dining tables, pendant lighting is now being utilised for various other reasons throughout our homes. But how else can we use pendant lighting? Well, keep reading to find out more.


Consider your home’s existing design

Planning a lighting design really comes down to if you’re working with an existing room design or starting from scratch. If you’re working with an existing room scape then be sure pendant lighting will work for your theme.

Renovations can incorporate pendant lighting from the offset, you just need to consider where it will work most effectively which we’ll move onto now.


Use focal points 

Knowing which room is the most sociable or has the best features is a great starting point when thinking about where to place your pendant lighting. You may want to set the mood in the living room for a cosy night in with your other half, or you may want kitchen pendant lights where you will serving canapes and prosecco to your many guests.

The choice is yours, but pendant lighting catches the eye so try to choose the optimal space for them to be noticed. 


Little or large pendants?

Sometimes less is more which is certainly the case with pendant lighting.

Although a few little pendants give off a fairy-tale atmosphere, if you’re working with high ceilings in a large space then you may want to opt for one large pendant or a few pendants in parallel alignment.


Mood for every occasion 

Statement lighting can be completely adapted to suit your needs using dimmers. Whether you’re having a cocktail hour, watching the soaps or playing board games, dimmers can make your new pendant lighting work to your schedule.


Height setting

For surfaces, tables, and other frequently used fixtures and fittings, you should work towards a 28-32-inch length. If you choose to place pendant lighting over your kitchen island a good 30 inches of space is recommended between the island the bottom pendant. 


The last leg of the journey

The fun part begins after you have evaluated your space and planned out your lighting scheme. Now you can go ahead an select the style of pendant lighting you wish to use.

Current trends surround vintage pendant lights which incorporate vintage filament lights for a home showroom feel which can be switched up using dimmers to always give your social events the right atmosphere.


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