Fun ways to get your creativity back

3 fun ways to get your creativity back

If you’re a creative person, whether you do something creative as a job or as a hobby, chances are at one point or another you’ll hit a creative slump.

You’ll feel completely uninspired.  Your paintbrush will sit idly in your hand, waiting for you to make the first stroke on the canvas.  The blinking cursor on your computer will mock you at the top of an empty page while you try and push past writer’s block.  Your camera will sit gathering dust as you try and find some inspiration for pictures to take.

When it happens it’s so frustrating, but there are ways to push through it.

Here are 3 things you can try to get that creative spark back.


Give a new hobby a go.

If you’re feeling completely uninspired with your usual hobby or creative endeavour, then spend some time playing around with something new.

Let go of the pressure to be creative and just have fun doing something different.

There are a few ways you could approach this.

You could stick with creative hobbies that are just in a different field.  So if you’re a photographer struggling in a creative slump, then you could try picking up a paintbrush and learning how to paint watercolours.  And if you’re a writer suffering with writer’s block then you might give knitting or crocheting a go.

Another option is to try something completely different.

Learn how to make your own cheese at home.  Join an online bookgroup and read books you wouldn’t normally choose.  Create a vegetable patch in your garden and see what you can grow.

The idea here is that by picking up a new hobby you can get inspired again.  You’ll be fired up to learn something new, thinking differently, which will help spark new, creative ideas for your original hobby again.


Be a tourist for a day.

When you’re feeling seriously uninspired it can help to do  things that break up your normal routine and get you looking at things with fresh eyes again.

A great, fun way to do this is to be a tourist for a day.

You don’t even have to travel to do this, you can spend a day being a tourist in your own town and still get the benefits.  Think about the places you would take a visitor in your town, any museums or art galleries that have interesting exhibits, parks or pretty green spaces for taking walks in, and restaurants or cafes that serve the best food and coffee around.

Go and visit these places, and try to look at them as if you were seeing them for the first time.  You’ll notice things you’ve never noticed before and come home feeling full of inspiration.


Take a break and head outside.

If you need your creativity back in a hurry, and don’t have time to learn a new hobby or spend a whole day acting like a tourist, then this might be the trick you need.

Stop what you’re doing, and head outside for a quick break in nature.

Various studies have shown that there are huge benefits to spending time outside.  One study in particular found that just 25 minutes walking through a park is enough to give your brain time to rest, reset and increase cognitive function.

Time spent out in nature has also been shown to increase our ability to perform problem-solving tasks, as well as improving our concentration and increasing creative thinking.

So head out for a walk in the park or the woods, let your mind wander and see what inspiration will strike when you get home.


Have you ever tried any of these ideas to get out of a creative slump?

What do you normally find helps when you need some inspiration?

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