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Living Arrows 2020 – 25/52

I know it’s such a cliche to talk about the weather, but it was such a mixed bag last week I can’t not mention it!

We went from gorgeous blue skies and sunshine at the start of the week to parts of Swansea being flooded in sudden downpours at the end.

The children and I made the most of the dry weather at the start of the week with a walk down to the beach.

We walked through Singleton Park, stopping to take a few photos along the way.



I’m not sure what this long grass is called, but the fields were covered in it where things have been left to grow a bit longer during lockdown.

What the gardeners have done is cut sort of grassy pathways through this long grass, rather than cutting the whole lot, and I love the result.  It feels much more like walking through a natural meadow instead of a neatly mowed lawn and it made the walk to the beach that bit more interesting.

The most exciting part about our trip to the beach though was that we met up with my friend and her children there.  Her children are almost exactly the same ages as Rhys and Nerys and we’ve known each other since the older 2 were about 6 months old.

I last saw my friend about a week before lockdown started, and the children hadn’t seen each other since I’m not sure when, so it was really lovely to get to see them all again.

We sat and chatted and caught up, while the children dug holes and built sandcastles and made multiple trips to the sea to fill up buckets with water.

There were a couple of moments of needing to remind the children to keep their distance from each other (mainly Rhys who kept drifting to the wrong side of the line we’d drawn in the sand to act as a visual reminder to stay apart) but for the most part it wasn’t as hard as I thought it might have been to keep everyone safe!

Mainly it was just amazing to spend time with other people.  Such a simple thing really but so lovely after all this time.


Living Arrows
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