Craft ideas for rainy days

5 easy creative ideas for rainy days

When you’re at home with the children on a rainy day arts and crafts activities can be amazing for keeping everyone occupied and entertained.

The problem sometimes though is knowing what to actually do or make.  There are so many options that you can end up spending half the day debating which art supplies to get out and what to do with them.

If this sounds familiar, then this idea might help save your sanity.

Come up the a few craft activities or ‘themes’, and put together supplies for each of them in tupperware boxes or big zip up bags.  Then the next time you’re stuck in the house on a rainy day you can just pull one out and get started.

Here are 5 ideas for themes for creative activities to pop in your boxes or bags ready for the next rainy day:


Princess/fairy themed box

In this box you can put craft materials to make fairy wands and crowns.

You could include coloured card, scissors and glue, glitter, ribbons, pipe cleaners and stickers/gems for decoration.

I’ve got a blog post with full instructions on how to make a fairy wand if you’re not sure where to start with this.


Monster themed box

With just a few sheets on felt and some scissors you can make a build-your-own monster busy bag.

This one is great because you have the activity of cutting out the shapes (great for fine motor skills) and then the fun of playing with creating different monsters afterwards.


Rainbow themed box

There are so many options with a rainbow themed box.

You can put in some bits of paper and then pencils, crayons, pastels, and paints in the colours of the rainbow to see what different effects you get drawing rainbows with each of them.

You can just put paints and paper in, fold the paper in half, paint one half of the rainbow and then fold the paper and press down to mirror the other half of the rainbow.

Or you can put in paper, beads, feathers, fabrics, stickers, and sequins in the colours of the rainbow and let your child cut them up and create rainbow collages.


Flower themed box

This is a great theme for cheering up a rainy day.

You can put in flower-shaped stickers, fake flowers, flower-shaped foam pieces and use them to make pictures.

Another idea is to put in some paper and paints and some items to use to print some flowers.  Think toilet paper tubes that you can squish to make a petal shape.

If you need more inspiration then my flower photo frame and flower pictures and nice and easy to put together.


Butterfly themed box

Pop some paint, coloured paper and scissors in a box and you’ve got everything you need to do some butterfly paintings.

You could also make a box with coloured paper, crayons, stickers and other embellishments and let your child get imaginative and decorate a butterfly.  This is a great way to introduce the idea of symmetry to young children.


Which of these themes and activities would your child most like to try on a rainy day at home?


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