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Fun and easy fairy wand craft #BostikBloggers

This month’s theme for us Bostik Bloggers to get crafty with is ‘creatures’.

We’re not talking creepy crawlies though.  We’re talking magical creatures, like fairies and unicorns.

I had a look through the box of crafting goodies that I was sent and decided to make some fun (and easy) fairy wands.

How to make a fun and easy fairy wand craft

I decided to make two slightly different wands, and here’s what you’ll need altogether to make both of them.

  • Sparkly silver card
  • Purple sticky backed paper
  • Card stock
  • Pink and purple pipe cleaners
  • Sequins or beads
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Glue dots/glue


simple fun fairy wand craft


How to make the silver star fairy wand with pink ribbons

Get 2 pink pipe cleaners and twist them together to make the wand handle.

Twisting together 2 or more pipe cleaners just makes the wand a bit sturdier than if you just use a single pipe cleaner.

pink pipe cleaner fairy wand


Next, cut out 2 star shapes from the piece of silver sparkly card.

I used a star shaped cookie cutter as a template for mine, but you can just draw them freehand if you don’t have anything to use to draw around.

Then cut your ribbon into several thin strips, just a little bit shorter than the pipe cleaners.  I used pink ribbon, mainly because that was what I had to hand.  I think this would look so beautiful if you used a few different colours though.

silver star fun easy fairy wand craft


Use glue dots, or a big blob of glue, to stick one end of the pipe cleaners and half of the ribbon strips to the back of one of the star shapes.  Stick the rest of the ribbons to the back of the other star.

silver pink ribbon fun fairy wand craft


Use a few more glue dots to stick the two silver stars together.

And simple as that, the first wand is finished!

silver star pink ribbon fun fairy wand craft


How to make the pink and purple sparkly fairy wand

Get three pipe cleaners and thread each one with some sparkly sequins or beads.  Try to space them out quite evenly along the length of the pipe cleaners.

Then twist or plait the pipe cleaners together.  I did a rough plait with mine and rather like the way it turned out.

simple fun children fairy wand craft


Draw two star shapes on the back of the purple sparkly sticky backed paper.

Again, I used a star cookie cutter as a template for mine.  Then cut them out and stick them to a piece of card, then cut them out again.  This way the star will be a lot more study and strong.

simple fun children fairy wand craft purple stars


Use glue dots or a few blobs of glue stick the pipe cleaners to the back of one of the stars and then press the two stars together.

If you’ve used glue then leave the whole thing to dry for a bit, but if you used glue dots then you can start doing some fairy magic with your wand straight away!

pink and purple fun easy fairy wand craft



So there you have it, two really easy, really fun fairy wands that you can put together for some magical fun.

There are so many possibilities with this craft too.  You can create so many different wands depending on the colours and materials you have available to use.  I think a rainbow themed one would be really lovely!

sparkly fun easy fairy wand craft


Disclaimer: I was sent a box of craft items for the purposes of this post, but all ideas, words and photos are my own.

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