siblings project May

The siblings project – May 2018

It’s starting to feel like spring has well and truly arrived now.

I mean, I don’t want to curse it or anything, but we’ve had a decent amount of warm, sunny days in the last few weeks.  And it seems like everywhere you look flowers are in bloom.  Bluebells in particular, have you noticed that there seem to be bluebells all over the place this year?!

With the change in the season we’ve changed up our routine a bit and have started letting the children stay up a bit later at the weekends.  A few times now we’ve gone out for an evening walk and it’s been really lovely.

This is what we did last Sunday and the light in the park was just perfect for taking some photos of the children together.

siblings project May

I really love how Rhys and Nerys seem to naturally cuddle together now when I ask them if I can take photos of them together.

I’m sure there will come a time in the future when they won’t want to hug for photos, so I’ll make the most of these days while I can.  And I will take any chance I can get to capture them together, just as they are right now.


The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful
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